3D Pixel Dungeon - Lighting Setup


I just bought the awesome 3D Pixel Dungeon Set and wanted to recreate this scene:

And now i wanted to know, How did you do the awesome lighting on this scene? is there a direction light? or is the ambient light just turned up? and point lights for the mood lighting (the green around the floor grates and so on)? Or dis you used some image effects?

All i could achieve so far is this:

so you see that lightning is not so much my cup of tea. Can you guys share your light settings or even the scene which is shown in the screenshot? Of course i can Provide my oder number


when one starts out one is lazy - you think “ohh there is a light” … but in reality the artist did not set one light there, but a dozen well spread to create just the illumination he wanted.

for example the green on the bottom - that is most likely not just one light but multiple. or maybe just one but with a larger range and maybe a notch up on the intensity.
I like to remove all ambient light from a scene (including directional light) and start in total darkness. put your editor view on unlit (so you still see what you are doing) and then place lights little by little. then when I like the result I add the ambient light back in.


ohhh - and put an anti-aliasing filter on your camera, that will make it look a lot nicer too :slight_smile:


Good advice there @gterveen ! :slight_smile: Yes those were multiple “volume lights” as they are called in Maya. The whole thing was rendered out with a bloom filter. There is no directional light but I did make the materials self illuminate a little bit to avoid really dark corners. I used yellow, red, green and blue lights to illuminate the set of presentation scenes that this reference is from.


Cool, thanks for Sending me the Maya file! Helped a lot.
Just one question:
Does anybody know how to make a 50% self iluminating shader in Unity?


you use the Standard shader and put the Albedo texture into the Emmision field and set it to a grey that fits your needs (or just put 0.5 into the field to the right)