A BitGem RPG! - What do you think?


Hey BitGem Community,

I want to announce a small fun side project that I will begin working on soon thinking about calling it BitGem RPG or BitGem Hunters! I’m curious to know if BitGem Company would be interested in a collaboration for this project also being that I will be using 100% BitGem Assets in the Game from the Environment to the Characters, and Enemies. We can discuss the details of the collaboration over Skype or Email. But anyway let me show you a demo of what the game would be like… this is a Game Trailer of a small Multiplayer RPG game called CoinRPG hosted at http://coinrpg.com. I’m interested in re-skinning this and giving it a new look and feel with BitGem Assets. Rather than Coin Hunting like this game implies, we will Hunt for BitGems, or Gems. Check it out, and share your thoughts. I thought this might make a fun alittle game for all you BitGem Fans out there also, where we can run around in an Open World, PvP, PvE, and Hunt BitGems and also Rank on a Leaderboard! = )

Check out the Video and the the Game CoinRPG! then imagine BitGem Assets in place, small Open World, Gem Hunting, and Multiplayer Fun in the Browser! = )

Play CoinRPG at: http://coinrpg.com

NOTE: Use Left Click Mouse to Click to Move Player, and Turn off the Auto Camera Follow on the Bottom Right Settings. The WASD Key Controls are Bad… so bear with it, this would all be fixed in the next project.

Contact Info:
Email: jon@mijikaigames.com
Skype: jonmalave


Hahaha Brilliant idea! I’ll add you on Skype in a moment.
Between my actual work, evening classes, BitGem Jams and some other projects I think I’ve got some time to take off my sleep and contribute where possible :slight_smile:


Hey Zephire, Thanks for Interest! Although I’m actually hoping to get a reply from the Bitgem Artist themselves or whoever runs this website and store. As the CoinRPG game mention above, I own this game and source code. So I already have a Framework to Build this BitGem RPG. I would be interested to see if BitGem3d.com would like to maybe integrate the game into their website or help co-promote it if they like what I can do with it. Lets see what happens! = )

I’m going to Build it Anyway and i’ll show the Progress here… I’m just waiting on the Game Environment (World) to be Completed by a Level Designer I am working with, then I’ll something to show once I start plugging in the Character Assets.


Hi mijikaigames! Wow that’s a great little game you have going there! Just drop me or jason an email and let’s work out how we can collaborate :).


thanks matt, but I have no clue what your email is lol! maybe you can skype chat with me?

Skype ID: jonmalave


Oh I thought I made it visible on on my forum profile. Anyway I added you to skype.


Looks good. I like the little camera views you’ve done on the main character and its opponent, great idea. May I suggest to put a little bit more contrast in the lighting (the ambient light is a bit strong in my opinion): the wizard looks even not lit at all with 100% white ambient but I may have missed something.

- R