[Android Release] Blocks


Hello @all

because i had no time at the last game jam, i created my own little game jam :slight_smile:

I created the game named Blocks, because my grandma like tetris and got a smartphone. To lern her the usage of a touchscreen in a nice way, i looked for a tetris like game, which is also really easy to use. So i found games like Blocks.

But all the games hat so many advertisement… thats really confusing for her. So in a few days she installed many advertised games, because she unintentionally clicked to install the games, while trying to just close the advertisements. (the tiny little X to close them ist mostly hidden or hard to find).
So she ended up with a smarthone full of crap…

Because of this i decided to use this app idea as my first Android Release. I started to develop Blocks and over the last weeks i polished it more and more. I think its currently in a good contition, but it was only german.

So i now added support also for english (also made english as default language).
But i cant test this, because on my devices the game keeps to be german, also if i set my android system language to englisch.

Now i ask you:
It would be nice if many of you (ideally from different countries) could test the App. Please post me here in which country you live and if the game worked for you in english or german.

I would be also very happy about feedback to the game.