Any chance of.x format?


Would any other format be available such as .x? The engine I uses .x . The modelers I use can import.obj but do not retain the animations. Would be great if I didn’t have to re create all the nice animations that are already in the models. Thanks.


Hi George! I had a look into this and it seems there is no good way of doing this for us and it would mean a lot of extra support for a format that we don’t know much about and can not really quality test ourselves. There seems to be a good converter out there that can handle .fbx to .x conversions though.


Did you take a look at pandasoft’s X-porter for 3dsmax? If I recall correctly it was the only exporter I was able to find that exported animations.

Anyways, the X format is very old and outdated, is the engine you’re using by any chance 3d RAD or dark basic? You should consider moving on to something newer.

edit: Sorry, I didn’t notice how old this post is. Wasn’t my intention to necro.