Asset Store vs Bitgem Store



Are there any differences between purchasing Bitgem products from the Unity Asset Store vs the Bitgem Store? I can’t really tell other than the prices.

I was also wondering if they are both the same version and updated at the same time?

Just trying to decide if I should buy them from the Asset Store or the Bitgem Store. I prefer the Asset Store as it’s easier to keep track of updates and can just download the packages directly to the editor, but if it’s the same between both stores I will likely go for the lower price!



Hi @Ninja,

99% of the time they’re the same assets, but on our store we give you multiple file formats ( fbx, ma, obj) basically the full source. On the Unity Asset store you only get the FBXs files and textures etc.


but the asset store gives you unlimited downloads and a nice interface to see what you have. something I really would love to see for the bitgem store as well :wink:


I agree! It would be nice to have unlimited downloads on Bitgem so I don’t have to worry about losing the files. The sale is very nice though, so thanks for that!

Thanks for the great assets, keep them coming!


yeah - the sales here are superb! I am now owning I guess 80-90% of the Bitgem assets … because I was able to afford them in the sales :slight_smile:


I concur with gterveen that a browsing interface for assets that are linked to your bitgem store account would be useful. The current process of reviewing orders is cumbersome.

The one feature though that unity asset store has that bitgem store does not is a true version number where you put notes for what changed in when you update something. Having a formal database value for that in the bitgem store would also be nice.