August 2014 Game Jam - Barnyard Blaster


Update: Voting form is now live

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Wow we’re up to our 4th game jam already! Matt and I are both looking forward to seeing some great games made over the coming weeks and hopefully we can make this the biggest jam yet.

This months assets are - the farm set, micro animals set and just so it’s not too boring a micro tank :D, all models are free to download for the course of the competition so grab them now and get coding.

Competition details/rules

  • 1 Entry Per Developer/Team
  • Must incorporate all 3 assets packs stated above.
  • You may use other assets you own/license (including non Bitgem assets)
  • Entry must be playable in browser
  • Entries close 14th September 2014


Winners will be chosen by a community vote.

  • 1st $150 Cash (via Paypal)
  • 2nd $100 Bitgem store credit
  • 3rd $50 Bitgem store credit
  • All other valid entries will receive $15 Bitgem store credit

Don’t forget to share your WIP with us on twitter @bitgem3d and this thread, happy coding!

When is the next Jam?


This is my first game jam. Looking forward to this. Thanks!


@jason could it be that the farm set is missing an import package?

As I don’t have Maya it’s spamming all kinds of errors at me when importing the assets into Unity.
Ending up with 4 blank balloons instead of 4 animals :smiley:


Best of luck, just remember keep it simple and make it fun to play!


are you importing the FBXs files or maya files?


Fixed it, I didn’t notice and just imported the full folder into the project. That’s why everything went a little bananas.


great, for anyone that needs it here a basic version of the micro in a unitypackage (just the assets no code :wink: )


Lol this assets are great, didn’t knew they existed and now I am starting to have all this weird ideas in my head.

Good luck everyone :smiley:


Will sleep on it and see if I can brainstorm some ideas! This one sounds fun!


Well I’ve started working on my entry for this month’s Game Jam.
I’ll try and make a third person shooter with a twist.
Small update on what’s probably going to be the main menu window. (still not 100% sure)

Will try to get an update in the next couple of days with some gameplay. As well as look for a new capture tool as this doesn’t seem to have captured the animation(s) very smoothly.

Cheers and good luck to all!


Finally got my final idea, wish they were only 3 animals instead of 4 for game design but still.

I will make some kind of runner till the farm, could be really hard or local multiplayer (coding the real multiplayer would be a pain in the &/&#/)

I will start sketching tomorrow, WIP should be here? twitter? any random place?

Should go to sleep

Later everyone ^^



@very first, i have to say, that i really love the 3d items from bitgem. i also bought some :frowning:

i currently leartn to develop and work on a game. But for this challange i stop my work on the old game and will create a new tiny game just for this! (or i try it, because this will be my very first finished game)

but i have not so much time, because i am on Holiday next week, so hopefully i finish it before my Holiday :frowning:

i cant find the Information, where i have to upload my finished game - or where i send the link to it (i can also upload it to my Webspace)
do you have some Infos for me?



I’ve the same doubt :S I’m new and I don’t know where I should upload or publish my proyect!


@Vaine @n3v3r001 at some point of the competition bitgem staff will give us a link for us to post the results, I recommend you to check bitgem twitter for that one :wink:


That’s right! We will provide a link for your final submissions all in good time. Just make sure you keep posting your WIP in the meantime :wink: (here and/or on twitter @bitgem3d)
I’m really excited about this Jam!


@Vaine @n3v3r001 you can host your entry anywhere you like, a majority of devs are using Dropbox based on past entries. Near the end of the comp we’ll share a form where you can submit your official entry.


Has anyone else had issues with the farm animals’ eyes?

They don’t seem to be appearing with diffuse, unlit, or transparent shaders.

Also, I noticed that the wolf asset has a mesh called “eyes” that is used for this issue, but the farm animals don’t have this mesh.


  • Jon


I like the old-school cartoon style. Reminds me of full throttle for the pc or day of the tentacle.


Cheers @JBednez, will try to keep that style along the rest of the game if possible.

The farm animals seem to be limited to Hair and Snout when it comes down to the head parts.
While we’re at it, sidenote on the tank, has anyone been able to rig the tracks of the tank?
I wanted to rig them in Blender but the fbx doesn’t get imported properly into Blender…
They just look so off when trying to animate the driving … Any ideas? @matt? @jason?