August 2014 Game Jam - Barnyard Blaster


You can animate the chains by making the chain texture scroll and then just animate the wheels by turning the bones. Speed of the bone rotation and texture scrolling should be set up proportionally for best effect :slight_smile:


Thanks, I was so focussed on getting it all in the animator that I didn’t think of scrolling the texture instead of trying to work with a rig on the model.
Day off work tomorrow so I already know where my time will go into :smiley: Thanks @matt

For anyone else that will attempt this, I had to look things up on how to get this done in Unity,
Below some useful links.

Unity Documentation
Unity Answers Example


I havent had a lot of time to work on this, (besides, download, import and check assets) and I saw that the animals have some cloud mesh and sweat mesh.

Both are always active even with the animations running.

Is there a list of “when” we should activate this?

Also I imagine they are not animated :stuck_out_tongue:


This makes me wonder. Should there be code or any type of system which controlls the expression of the characters like angry or scary eyes and sweat appearing?
In the official download there is no such thing.

How can I switch between all those different eyes and mouths? Currently all alpha parts are one mesh and I would have to seperate any of those and provide another material to them with UV offsets.


Well, I’ve kept telling myself I should give one of these game jams a try and have always struggled to fit it around some very long work hours. This time round is no exception, unfortunately, but I got half a day of development in today and here is the result. After coming up with a bunch of ideas that were not even moderately feasible in the time available, I’m keeping it simple and going for an arena based shooter with AI first on the cards but multiplayer afterwards if I have the time. I’m also using it as a chance to get to grips with the new UI features in Unity 4.6. At the moment, all 4 players are controlled by the same keyboard controls for testing purposes and I’ve been working on making the tanks feel nice to drive and getting bits of animation and physics to play nicely together.

Its been a really enjoyable day and a really nice change to work on something that looks great immediately thanks to the excellent quality assets provided. Hopefully another productive day tomorrow as it will likely be next Saturday at best before I can spare any more time. Oh, how I value my game development time! I hope everyone else is having fun too. :smile:


Hey guys, with permission from Jason, I’ve uploaded the Bitgem assets for this game jam in compatible Unreal Engine 4 format - Animation Blueprints, Physics, Self-lit Mats, and Game Objects.

If anyone has any use for them, they’re here: [link omitted]


Progress for day 2 (I know there is still day left but I need a little downtime to prepare for the Monday morning blues :stuck_out_tongue:). A few new bits today, largely aesthetic, but also testing out camera modes and some improved tank and bullet physics as well fixing some bugs, implementing health (as opposed to the insta-kills from yesterday) and some basic sounds.


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to play it


@ Andrew_Neale I had a similar Idea first, good that I’ve chosen another one :smiley:

Here is our game after two days of development. It is going to be a round based strategy game with similar mechanics of Civilization (5). You have to produce Units and fight the invaders (Tanks or another Barn?).

One question, are we able to make the project source public including these assets after the Competition?


@Eyello Oddly, my original idea was a little closer to what you’ve gone for (well, it was a strategy game) but I knew I’d be struggling for time as it was and chickened out. :stuck_out_tongue: Its worked out for the best though, as you say, as we have 2 very different games now. It is sounding and looking good though; nice work!

@jason Thanks! I’ll get a link to a web build soon. :smile:


nice works has being done!
i’ll try to make something playable this time :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a massive update due to the lack of time but, after seeing the rather nice looking particles in Eyello’s screenshot, I scrapped my old particle system (which I admittedly didn’t spend very long on) and started it from scratch with a bit more care and attention and I think I’ve got it looking rather a lot nicer. Hopefully at least someone else will agree! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to getting some development in over the weekend and hopefully I’ll have something resembling an actually playable game by the end of it. So far I’ve only done simple prototypes in Unity to get to know it so this may end up being my first finished project using it which would be pretty cool. Thanks again to BITGEM for running this and for the others taking part; it has already been really enjoyable and educational. :smiley:


Great Scotts! I have just managed to come online again after a few days of downtime and the entries piling up here look amazing!


Probably a bad question, but I don’t want to be disqualified.

Competition Rule: You may use other assets you own/license (including non Bitgem assets).

If I stumbled upon some music I think would complement the game and I give credit to the author, may I use it? It’s a non-commercial, give credit to author license.

I just wasn’t sure if it had to be original work that was licensed.


  • Jon


Well, I managed to squeeze some more time in today. I’m knackered and have so much else to get done but I’m having too much fun with this at the moment. :smiley:

I’m far from finished but I got a lot of optimisation done today and also got some basic AI in and enough game logic that you can actually play a match to completion now. New video of a quick one, which I just about managed to win. The earlier AI was impossible to beat and I’m still trying to make it more believable and fun to play against but at least there is something in place now.


Nice game. Love the cartoon particle effects.

Are you using a blur or glow effect on the camera to give that nice background effect?

I’m trying to use a similar effect, but can’t find a solution for unity3d free version.


Thanks! :smiley: Its always nice when you reach that stage where everything has come together well enough that you have to keep reminding yourself you’re supposed to be developing and not just play testing. :stuck_out_tongue: The particles took quite a bit of experimentation to get something I’m mostly happy with so I’m really glad to hear that it isn’t just my taste they appeal to!

I am using bloom, I’m afraid, which I don’t think there is really a way of achieving in the free version of Unity (not strictly true, but the only implementations I’ve seen of it have been VERY slow to the point of being unusable). I’m also using some ground level fog which combines with the bloom nicely to give that background effect.


That game is looking awesome ^^


We can’t really give advice on licensing but based on the CC terms on that item you should be fine, but I’d recommend contacting the author just to be sure.


Hi! I have just registered on the new community (I thought I had already done it some weeks ago). I’m working on a little endless runner-physics style game for this jam.

My computer isn’t powerful enough to record videos while playing so I think I will post a Unity Web Player link this weekend to show my WIP.

I will post some screenshots as soon as I can ^^