August 2014 Game Jam - Barnyard Blaster


I’ve been working on AI a little more and on wrapping up the whole game with a state manager and the starts of a main menu so that I can get a “finished” game together and know that everything that HAS to be done is done and then just be able to work on polish and adding new bits.

I thought I’d start trying to make use of my web hosting and get an initial web build together. Still a bunch of stuff I want to get done but here you go!

To get through the splashscreen/main menu placeholder you’ll have to push “enter” a few times with the 3rd time sliding the HUD into view and the match will then start immediately (“3, 2, 1, GO!” countdown hasn’t been added yet! :stuck_out_tongue: ). W, A, S + D to move and space to shoot. I found I was getting hammered by the AI for a while but I’ve gotten quite good at it now and have found it more fun with each match. Still lots of room to improve though. :smiley:

I’ll be keeping that link updated with each new build but will post here to keep a WIP going and to let you know when there is something new to try.

Also, thanks again for the encouragement! :smile:


I decided to take a swing at this too. I’m making a horde-mode action game where the player defends a farm from waves of wolves. I’ve cast the cat as the player character, and rather than get its own paws dirty it deals with the wolves by launching the other animals at them to do the fighting.

It seemed like a cat sort of thing to do.

Most of what I’ve done so far is scripting. I have the major game systems working but I’ve only just started on laying out the playing field.

I’m calling it “Livestock Launcher”. =D


Few thoughts:

  1. Great looking exhaust animation and sound.
  2. Any defense items or abilities?
  3. Power-ups?
  4. Shoot animation and when the character “jumps” is pretty sweet.
  5. Interesting title.
  6. Art and visuals look great, especially the bloom effect.


Thanks for giving it a try and the nice comments! :smiley:

The title is a fairly bad pun, I’ll admit, but CanTANKerous Critters suggests both that there are animals who would likely end up in a scrap and, also, tanks. So a weak play on words maybe, but it gets the job done. :laughing:

I am definitely wanting to get some power-ups in there (such as quicker movement/rate of fire, shield, etc.) as the gameplay is a bit “shallow” without them at the moment. I’m also trying adding turret rotation with the mouse to see how it plays. Not full rotation, probably around 15-20 degrees either way. Full rotation I think would take too much incentive away from movement/full tank rotation and, also, with the way the mesh is created, there are a couple of cable/tube sections that go a little crazy with bigger rotations. Power-ups would also give the AI something different to chase and should hopefully help to stop matches becoming so compressed and over so quickly as a result.

Definitely plenty of areas to add to and improve on once I’ve gotten the shell of the game wrapped up, so thanks again for the feedback!

[Edit: Missed a word!]


Looking good so far and certainly a more imaginative use of the assets than I’ve gone for. Almost some kind of real-time farmyard Pokemon. “Generic Pig #3, I choose you!” Looking forward to seeing it in action. :smiley:


Work In Progress:

To Move:
W, A, S, D

To Shoot:
Aim with the mouse and click to shoot.

Rotates the tank in the direction you want to go.

The cubes to the left are power-ups. Each doing something different. Just run them over to grab them.

The wolves in front of the cubes can be shot or run over.


Speed, Explosive Shot, Rapid Fire, and Mega Tank (makes it easier to run over wolves).

Also, the game is about protecting the farm. Wolves will come in waves attacking the fence surrounding the animals. Once a fence is knocked over, your toast.

Please let me know what you think!



Here’s my first WIP demo:

Controls are:

  • SPACE: Jump
  • Mouse: Aim and Shoot
  • Q: Fire bomb

The game needs a lot more of work, right now there are some issues such as horrible performance, chunks not resetting, no enemies, infinite bombs etc.

Here’s the link:

Webplayer demo

And of course, the name is not final! :stuck_out_tongue:


The particles and sound effects are great, particularly for the power ups. The control method (pushing only one of W, A, S, D at a time and then pushing Space to actually face that direction) I don’t think I’ve ever used before and it took a little while to get used to but it did get easier after awhile. Looking forward to playing it again with some enemies running around! :slight_smile:


Looking really promising. There are obvious small things that I’m sure are already in your plans and just haven’t been done at this early stage (such as the tank conforming to the terrain) but an endless runner type game with physics based destruction all the way through could be really good fun. Nice work so far. :smiley:


Yes, terrain hugging is almost done. I have to smooth it a little, because right now is a little rough and produces some shakiness.

By the way, your game looks absolutely amazing! :smile:


A lot of awesome looking projects so far :slight_smile:

We’ve been doing a bit on the side as well for this jam, mostly on player physics and today with some menu UI (first time testing uGui :smiley: ) . This following week will be more oriented on reworking levels, art, sound and UI aesthetics (real HUD).

Here’s a webplayer build of current WIP:

Since you can’t change the resolution within the game as a web player the resolution displayed will just be the game’s current resolution. Currently full screen will take place on your first monitor so a bit of warning. Highly suggest mouse and keyboard.

Key binds
Movement: WASD
Jump: Space
Fire Hook: Left Mouse Button
Throw: F
Restart Level: L

These keys listed above can be modified ingame.
Some debug bindings are 0-6, lets you quick load other levels, incase you wanted to retry a level.


@Also Thanks!

@ogam Very nice! The grappling hook is really good fun to use and the movement generally feels “right”. The UI is looking quite nice as well. Its been my first time using it as well and, after the initial learning curve, it appears to be very nice to use, especially when combined with mecanim.

Well, new build up for me. Splashscreen and main menu (very simple, but functional) in place. After playing with it for a while, I have gone ahead with (limited) mouse controlled aiming and it definitely makes things more enjoyable. I’ve realised that for some reason the tank tracks left in the mud don’t show up in my recorded videos but are fine when actually playing them game…odd…

On a side note, if I’m posting too frequently for anyone then sorry and please say and I’ll cut it back a bit. I’m certainly not intentionally spamming but I just got some kind of automated warning about the percentage of my posts in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


I sincerely doubt anyone minds, it’s been really interesting watching your progress! The mouse aiming was definitely a nice touch, hitting the other tanks is a lot more intuitive this way.


so after one week of vacation (paris and disneyland, both really nice:) i am back and i think i finished my game for the contest. i hope it will be nice for you all :slight_smile:

hopefully we get the link soon, that i can share my game with you all :frowning:
its also nice to see your Progress in the Forum. :slight_smile:


I’m getting close to a playable build of my game. I’ve spent the last couple of days working on my farm area, nudging fences around and making sure the tank won’t go anywhere it’s not supposed to. I’m pretty content with how it’s looking now, but I’ll probably keep fussing with details up until the deadline.

One little touch I’m quite proud of on the scripting side of things is what happens when your health hits zero: when the tank is destroyed the little cat jumps out and runs back to the barn, arms flailing. It probably won’t mean much until you see it but I’m really glad I took the time to set it up.

Most of the things standing between me and posting the game itself are pretty basic, like a title screen and tutorial messages.


New video up! A whole host of things worked on which aren’t immediately obvious (such as being able to start a new match which was a bit of a pain when it came to trying to reset everything in the scene without upsetting the physics simulation). If you press escape at any point the menu will re-open and, if either all human controlled characters have died or the match is over then clicking “Play” will start a new match. There are a few bits though which are slightly more exciting.

Firstly, the arena is now considerably larger/more open and circular as it was feeling to confined before. I created a little tool (at the start of the video) to help me generate the new arena, rather than having to manually size, rotate and position each fence piece, which may well prove useful again for another project.

Secondly, I’ve started adding in pickups. You can so far get a health pickup and a shield pickup. There are a few others I would still like to get in there, but its a start. The pickups are distributed by what I like to call the “Scarecrow of Fortune” (a scarecrow that spins randomly and deposits a random pickup).

There is also a fairly cool shader I’ve put together to represent the shield (second part of the video, and in the gameplay afterwards).

Lastly, the control scheme has changed again a bit after more playtesting (by myself and a couple of other hapless volunteers). Not drastically, but I find it much more enjoyable now. There is also a laser sight of sorts. I tried an arc representing the exact trajectory of your bullet but it removed to much of the challenge and the feeling of being awesome when you managed to line up a shot properly yourself.

The next thing I need to do is to get the AI to strafe a bit more whilst in combat, attempt to get to the pickups first (particularly if they are struggling at the time) and to have some simple pathfinding.

Fairly happy with how this has turned out so far but there are so many things I want to add/change but I know I don’t have time for. Unfortunately, I’ll have to call it quits at the end of Thursday as I have family commitments for Friday and the weekend.

@Mr_McGregor Looking good. I’ve had so much fun developing so far that I will be sad to reach the end but I still get to look forward to the fun of playing everyone else’s excellent looking entries! :smiley:


It’s kind of sad to see the barnyard animals putting their research into things like laser sights and energy shields, when they could have spent those resources pursuing agricultural breakthroughs. -.-

Really though, I’m impressed. Every time you show us your game it’s grown by leaps and bounds.


Although not as great as your’s, this is my project for the gamejam:

Since I’m short on time, I made a todo list to get the most critical parts done until submission (highest priority on top):

  • Animal navigation (currently random)
  • Better cannon controls for a more precise aiming
  • Gameplay constraints and higher speed
  • Smoother tank control
  • More sound effects and particles
  • Environment design

Note that I don’t use any pro features, although the game is watermarked. This is because I didn’t find a way yet to create a free-license build with an active educational license. I will probably remove the license temporarily for the final build.


I particularly like the way you have your farm arranged. I’d say this is the best use of the Bitgem-provided assets I’ve seen so far, aesthetically. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Also, this game jam is sort of highlighting how popular the Cartoon FX particles are. Yours is the the third game I’ve noticed using them. You and I are even using the cartoon fight effect the same way.


@dyadicgames Don’t sell yourself short there. I definitely agree with @Mr_McGregor on the use of the assets. Of what I’ve seen so far, that scene felt the most “complete”. It is also largely good fun and my only comments would be that the tank felt perhaps just a little too slow and that aiming anywhere but straightforward was almost impossible unless you wanted a full powered shot in that direction, though this may be by design. Either way, I played for a good 10 minutes before the wolves seemed to lose interest in the animals I was supposed to protect (perhaps they were full?) so I decided to call it a night as I’ve managed to end up doing yet another late one. :laughing: Any way, its looking reall good, nice work! :smile:

@Mr_McGregor Haha, they do have both arable and pastoral agricultural research teams but it is the military contracts that bring in the big money. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the nice comments again though! And yes, I’d noticed the high usage of those assets too (not just here). I’ve come so close to buying them a few times now to save myself time as they do look really nice but I wanted to learn how to get the most out of Unity’s particles for myself and this seemed as good a chance as any. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been influenced by them though.

Edit: New bit of progress (though I’d edit rather than make another new post). Not a lot visually, but pathfinding is now implemented, including a basic level of avoidance around other players. Without being able to use Unity’s NavMeshAgents directly due to the level of control I want over the tanks, this has been a MASSIVE pain in the backside but it seems to be working pretty well now. Just the problem of grouping to try and avoid.