August 2014 Game Jam - Barnyard Blaster


@Andrew_Neale @Mr_McGregor

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate your input. I’m now using NavMesh to make the animals appear more intelligent. Since I’m just simulating random/casual movements NavMesh is fine for me. The wolves are more aggressive now and without intervention they will wipe out all animal friends within a few minutes. However, I had to reduce their number because it got too difficult. Next I will improve the tank controls (far range shots, precise aiming, and probably a turbojet) and then I will increase the number of wolves again.

Yeah, I really like the Cartoon FX assets, they are incredibly versatile and fit cartoon-styled games so well.


Hi @ all!

I think my game is now finished. I just make some bugfixes here and there but i think its ok.

I began learning how to develop with unity3d 6 minths ago, and i am wondering that i did it in just 2 weeks! Thats nice for me :slight_smile:
Because its my first game, i made some hand painted plan before… this was really ok and so i had a idea what i have to do. But i had not that much time, because of my vacation last week. So i finished all technical staff in the first week. Then one week of vacation in Paris and Disneyland and now (the 3rd week) i did some finishing tasks and some graphical upgrades.

I hope the people have fun with my game :slight_smile:
You can try it here:

Feedback is welcome!

Your games also look very nice! I cant wait to play it :slight_smile:


@n3v3r001 That’s awesome! Excellent work. :smiley: It feels like something Nintendo would make. Those style shooting games aren’t my cup of tea but I’m really impressed by the amount of content you’ve gotten in and how “alive” the farm feels. My only real criticism would be that the shooting games feel a little basic/rigid and the crosshair should maybe be white so that it doesn’t get lost against the background at times. I’m in the same boat with Unity, it has been about 6 months for me too. It is amazing what you can do with it in a short space of time!

Well, unfortunately, this will probably be just about my final build due to other priorities. Some more AI work, some changes to the scene, some sound effects, some UI/particles to make it clear when someone gets a pick up… video below and game still avaiable at


Work in Progress:


  1. Changed controls.
  2. Added enemies.
  3. Added main menu, win, and lose scenarios.
  4. Power-ups are the haystacks.
  5. To win: Survive for two minutes.
  6. To Lose: The wolves have to completely knock over one of the fences surrounding the farm animals.
  7. Power-ups stack, but only last for a limited time.
  8. Acquiring a power-up resets the power-up timer.
  9. There is a mini-map.
  10. Yellow dots represent power-ups on the mini-map. Red dots represent wolves. The blue cube is where the wolves are attacking.

To Move: W,A,S,D.
To Shoot: Use the mouse to aim and fire.
Tip: Wolves can be shot or run over.

Please let me know what your thoughts are!


Hi all,

Just logged back on to BitGem after a while and turns out the Game Jam is using the exact assets I’ve been making an IOS game with! :smile:

If I enter my game in competition, do I still retain all IP and can publish to the app store when complete?


Thanks for the reply, i changed the crosshairs, now its 2 colored, so you can also see it in black Background.
Your game is also nice, but i think its a bug: If you do nothing, the enemys kill themselves, only the last surviving enemy fitght the player.

@JBednez Your game is nice, but it would be nice if the tank rotates a little bit faster


Thanks! :slight_smile: And good spot, I noticed that too, right after putting the video up. Oops! I just managed to fix that now and have updated the build on my website.


If I enter my game in competition, do I still retain all IP and can publish to the app store when complete?

@jason @matt I had the same question as WalkingChimp, because I was planning on adding my entry (as an Android and PC version) for my Kickstarter backers.


Thanks for the critique! I’ll work on making the rotation faster.


Very unique game!

  1. The mini-games are enjoyable. (especially the cow shooter).
  2. Would be nice if gold was saved between game sessions.
  3. It’s relaxing.
  4. Love the wandering and patrolling assets.


2.Would be nice if gold was saved between game sessions

@JBednez: Thank you for your response!
And … yeah, thats a good idea :slight_smile:


Yes it’s all your IP, but if you make a few million after your kickstarter a few beers for Matt and I would be nice :smiley:


You retain all the IP to your work of course :), but to be fair to everyone it needs to be a fresh start (start a new project at the beginning of the competition time frame). If you enter with something that you have been working on over a longer period of time just because it fits the theme you would be at an advantage over everyone who has the limitation of the time frame.


Thanks guys! I’ll post mine tomorrow, started it on Saturday and I’m just about done!


Entry form is now live, close off is Sunday midnight (give or take a few hours).

We’ll have the voting online late Monday, looking forward to playing all your entries :smiley:


I’m still working out a few bugs, but the bones are together now!

Magical Farmer Stacey-chan


My game is finally posted and playable here! It ended up taking a lot longer to finish than I expected, as things always seem to, but I’m pretty happy with the end result.

I’ll probably put in a little extra visual polish before the deadline tomorrow, but the game play won’t be changing in any substantial way from this build.


And here goes my entry .

Btw. can I post link here and I’m in or should I use this entry form (from post one) that i just noticed ;> ?


I sent you my entry, hopefully you got it?
I got no acknowledge email or something.


There are some interesting projects. We will publish our game tomorrow, here you can view some screenshots:
Farm Defenders