August 2014 Game Jam - Barnyard Blaster


A bit of an update:
More maps and they’re textured now
Adjusted level loading
Added Individual level and world times along with a score table (local only)
Adjust grappling hook physics slightly
Added Sounds and Particles
Oh an a title… Cock’A’Doodle

Additional Notes at the bottom of the webplayer.

Current build:

If you want to post your times, it’d be pretty neat to get an idea of the how it went :slight_smile:


I’ve just submitted my entry!

I bought the micro plane hoping to make him a super boss but unfortunately my week’s been really busy and he couldn0t make it to the final game.

I’ll continue the game for the next few weeks and publish it on iOS/Android/Windows stores as a free download!



Here is our game:
Farm Defenders

You can also Download a Windows build in a few minutes here


What is this? “Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.”

I sent my entry through the entry form, but it won’t allow me to post a link to this forum. Any ideas?

I thought we could submit the game before midnight?


  • Jon


you need to complete the entry form to be in the running! so make sure you submit it ASAP.


…and you should be getting a confirmation email once your entry has been submitted.


…and you should be getting a confirmation email once your entry has been submitted.

I entered mine on Saturday, but I didn’t get a confirmation email either.


Same, I submitted the form on Saturday but I didn’t get an e-mail either. I checked my spam folder, it’s not in there.


I haven’t seen a confirmation email either.


As with everyone else, my entry went up almost as soon as the form link was made available but I’ve not had any confirmation.


Same here, I got no no email


Didn’t get an email either, hopefully all of our entries got in even without confirmations.


I also didn’t get any confirmation…


That’s a little odd. It looks as though all your submissions came through alright though. I will double check again to make sure.

edit: Ah my bad! No email, just a confirmation screen.


Hi guys there is no confirmation email from google forms, just a confirmation screen. Looks like we got all your entries just fine though.



When does voting start?
Will there be a link in this forum for it?

I just don’t want to miss playing everyone’s game and need to make a time slot for it.


  • Jon


Voting form is now live

one vote per person, multiple votes will not be counted!


Just wanted to say, seriously, really nice work everyone. Some damn good entries and I’ve had a lot of fun playing through them. :smiley:


Echoing Andrew, it’s been a blast playing through every game and it’s refreshing to see a lot of diverse game ideas.
Thank you community!


Yeah, I think the games are getting better and better each month!