August 2014 Game Jam - Barnyard Blaster


Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the enter, Matt and I can’t get over how much the quality and diversity has improved since our first game jam.

We’ll be closing off the entry form tomorrow night and announcing the winners on Wednesday.


Time to announce the winners!

1st - Farm Defenders by Crowbox
2nd - Cantankerous Critters by Andrew Neale
3rd - BitFarm Shooter by Mario Gattringer

Everyone that entered the competition could you please PM me your email address (the one you use on our store) and I’ll issue the gift cards. For 1st place please send me your paypal email.

A little bit of disappointing news, while Typeform (the service we use for voting) does a pretty good job of detecting duplicate votes it looks like a few naughty people are still trying it on so for the next game jam we’ll have to move towards authenticated voting.

While we do offer prizes for these game jams the real benefit is you all growing as game designers, shipping a game is what it should all be about! Matt and I really want to see this community grow and be a great place for sharing and helping each other out so lets keep it that way.


Aw man. Well good job everyone!


Thanks guys! :smile:

Congratulations to the other winners, and to everyone else. As Jason pointed out, the biggest thing here is having finished a project. Especially from my point of view being the first one I’ve ever finished using Unity. As I’m definitely guilty of too, so many projects get started and never seen all the way through so, even if they’re relatively small/short with room for expansion and polish, the fact that a bunch of projects all got finished/released here is awesome and a pretty cool achievement.

Very much looking forward to the next one and seeing where this little community goes next! :smiley:


The final projects really are amazing :wink: Please provide a full list of all entries. Since the voting form is offline, I didn’t find any other way to have a further look on the submitted games.

P.S.: When clicking on your profile, there is no such option like sending PMs. (?)


Congratulations to the winners!!! :star2: :trophy: :star2: Amazing effort everyone! We really have been blown away by the standard of games submitted for this jam and it makes us really excited to start the next one! Btw. if you are looking to send us an email or a PM you’ll have to go visit our profile pages. It’s all there.


You should have access to PM me now :slight_smile: still getting use to the forum setup (looks like you need to post a little more to increase your access, so I just upgraded you manually)

Here are the entrants again

Cantankerous Critters by Andrew Neale

Livestock Launcher by @mr_mcgregor

BitFarm Shooter by Mario Gattringer

Henhouse Black Ops by Meic

Lupus Hunter Dilbert by Stefan Kohl

Magical Farmer by @AlgittStudios

Cock’A’Doodle by @teamluckyred

Angry Chicken by @alsoesp

Farm Defenders by Crowbox

Tank Rescue by Jon Bednez


I don’t see my link? Was I disqualified?


  • Jon


Also, can we use bit gem gift cards in the unity3d asset store? You offer some cool models in the unity3d asset store that aren’t in your bitgem store.


  • Jon


the Unity asset store doesn’t currently support giftcards I’m afraid.