Barbarian Girl Jump Animation


Hi BitGem,

I started working on my 4th title, and I want to use the barbarian girl as one of my characters in the game. I see there is a jump animation, however it vertically moves the model. Is there any way to get a jump-in-place animation? I am using your cube world and would like to implement jumping between blocks… I can’t see any way to implement actual jumping without a jump in place animation. :frowning:


Hey @bkinsey! I attempted to remove most of the vertical transformations from the jump. hope that helps! Download the animation here (right click and save link as…)


Hm it seems I need to be watching these threads instead of bookmarking them! I tried importing the fbx and I get the following error:

"Imported file ‘barbarian_girl@jump_no_height’ conversion failed: Required human bone ‘Hips’ not found.

Do you know if there are bone differences between the mobile and non-mobile versions of the model? My model has the following:

barbarian_girl -> Character1_Reference -> Character1_Hips -> …

I just checked and I’m using the non-mobile version. barbarian_girl.fbx