Bitgem Game Jam #10


Game Jam #10 kicks off today!


Create an endless runner!


The aim of this game jam is to create a scrolling endless runner. A successful entry must have a playable character, an endless scrolling level with obstacles and a score.

This is a fairly simple task so the basic gameplay should not take too long to put together. The focus here lies on innovation and polish. What can you come up with to make your endless runner unique? How can you spice it up a little and how much “juice” can you squeeze into it?

You can build this game in 3d or in 2d… or you can use a combination of both. It’s entirely up to you. For this jam, we give you access to our Kyoshi sprite character for the duration of the jam. Just enter “gamejam10” on checkout for a 100% discount.

Competition details/rules:

  • 1 entry per developer/team
  • You may use other assets you own/license (including non Bitgem assets).
  • Post your Work In Progress on this thread
  • Entry must be playable in a browser.
  • Entries close 18th of June 2018.


Winners will be chosen by @matt and @jason

  • :trophy:1st $150 BitGem store credit
  • 2nd $100 BitGem store credit
  • 3rd $50 BitGem store credit
  • All other valid entries will receive $15 BitGem store credit

Don’t forget to share your WIP with us on twitter @bitgem3d and in this thread.

Happy coding everyone!!! :video_game:


Just need some clarification.

When you say 3d, do you mean models and environment only, or perspective too? Does it have to be a side-scrolling level?

I’ll include a character without 1st person perspective, but the movement of going up within a cube is the concept.


Hmmm… it is meant to be a side on scroller but… ok I’ll adjust the rules to make them a little more loose so you can go ahead with your concept!


So here is my initial game concept. The title is undecided, but the setting is in space and will feature multiple camera angles.


@JBednez looks like you’re way beyond the competition… Still, how about rounding off the corners of the box a little? :slight_smile:


So I’ve created a pool manager for game efficiency. And added some obstacles and the platforms are endless. I’m working on different platform angles, but for now, everything is on a straight path. It really depends on how much time I have to spare.

I’m also trying to figure out how to create a dev log for the game on


Added some music and sound. Also, there is a jumping animation. And obstacles have collision.


@JBednez Coming along nicely. I made it to 268! :slight_smile:


Good job! May need some kind of an achievement when you reach that speed.


Just started my entry for the jam. Haven’t done much at the moment other than swapped out some level sprites of an infinite runner template that I picked up from the unity asset store. Will post more as I do more.


Here’s where I stopped for today. I finished a lot, swapped stage sprites, character sprites, backgrounds, level musics, even managed to get a webgl port done. However, the arrow keys don’t work on my webgl builds, but does in my editor. Also, I don’t really like how some of the platforms spawn, as some jumps are just impossible to make. Still trying to find a fix for the no working arrow keys though…


I figured out my arrow key issue, I just had to add a “|| UNITY_WEBGL” to a script on the player controller


I was able to get a start on this jam over the weekend. Not a whole lot to show currently as I’ve been mostly messing around with curved shaders and testing some mesh combining. I still have a lot of things to decide on gameplay and the name but here is a look at my testing.


nice work, looking forward to seeing this come together and be playable!

You’ll have to tell us more about the curved shader magic as well.


do you have an updated link @sketche99 ? as that one to seems to be broken


It should work now. I forgot that I still had it set as draft instead of public.


I actually have found that there is a really nice curved shader in the Trash Dash demo project from Unity that I played around with quite a bit. There is also a shader in that package that can rotate your coins/etc that is useful. I ended up using a different shader in the long run that has more features (Curved World) but that one in Trash Dash is quite nice for a unlit scene.


Awesome guys! Great to see some MOVEMENT here :slight_smile:

  • Added left and right boundaries.
  • Main menu and intro animation.
  • UI animations and sound.
  • More appealing obstacle.

New Link (because of the new game title)


Great work! The little intro sequence is a nice touch and the automatic doors are a clever way of hiding spawning and keeping render distance down.