Bitgem Game Jam #10


I reached the end and was catapulted out into space! :smiley:


Haha. Good find. That’s a bug in the pooling system.

Update to the game:

  • Added another type of platform. This platform makes your character go straight up and the camera viewpoint changes to looking down.


Awesome shader. It reminds me of Mario Galaxy, when walking on the planets.


And after a short outage we’re back! Tried to put a CDN in to speed up the forums. Not sure it worked but we’ll find out soon!

@jimrif can’t wait to see that in motion. :slight_smile:


I should be able to get a WebGL build up later this weekend. Is a requirement for hosting the WebGL build or can I put mine on my own website?


@jimrif It’s fine if you want to host it on your own website. It should just be playable in browser.


Greetings everyone,

Outrun Your Nightmares is currently playable, though not complete. If you would like to get an early look at the core game-play, feel free to see what I’ve created thus far:


Updated the UI with better graphics.
Fixed a particle effect bug with the planter obstacle.
Added a high score that saves.


I really enjoy the weapon vs obstacle mechanic. It certainly makes the game difficult.


Hi there, I want to be on date this time :slight_smile:
Can we have other assets for the runner, more 3d? Plz!


Hey @juaxix here’s are a few more assets to download for free grab them quick as they’ll only be free for the next 24 hours.


My game isn’t currently playable but I did get a WebGL build online for progress updates. I decided to use a unlit shader for performance so the colors are currently a little wonky. I’ll tweak those colors more later once the game is more complete. The endless track and speed up systems are implemented. I currently have several items/pickups just manually placed on the parkways for testing and will script all that later. Next step is a the player and player controller.

Treasure Parkway WebGL


@jimrif Looks good in motion! This would make a nice screen saver…


Hello, I’m doing the game with Pixijs 4.8 this is a little preview.



@juaxix cool to see someone actually using the sprite! :slight_smile: Are you using the right frames for the run though? Something about it looks a little off to me.


Yes, I had to cut the GIF frames because there is a limit in your upload form XD


Oh you’re right! But perhaps you can use a service like to host larger files. We allow embeds for this type of thing :).


Quick Update:

  1. Added the ability to collect coins (only one appears per platform)
  2. Jumping works correctly regardless of camera perspective.
  3. Starting speed is faster.

Trying to get other camera perspectives in, working on sideways (left and right) and perhaps going down.


An update on Outrun Your Nightmares:

  • The Smoothening: Added some sprites to help smooth the tiles out and make the course less blocky, likely more smoothing to come in the next week

  • Elevation Changes: Added some elevating and de-elevating room prefabs to the room spawner

  • Title Screen Animation/Intro: Added a basic title screen introduction (and the ability to test your control bindings from the title screen)

  • Game Settings: Added a new game setting (practice/easy mode)

  • Effects: Added smoke effect for dreaming your weapon into existence, added gunshot effect, added more smoke to the game scene

  • Breakable Walls: Breakable walls will now break rather than disappear (will likely make some changes to make the broken chunks look better)

(Check out these changes through the link in my previous post)


More screenshots peoples!