Bitgem Game Jam #10


Here are two screenshots.




Sneak peak of the updated skull sprite, coming with the next update:


Wasn’t happy with the first idea I was working on for this jam, so started a new idea today that I’ll be working overtime to get done for the jam. My game that I’m making is called Zombie Run (I know, not the best at names lol), the setting puts you in a zombie apocalypse running down a road being chased by zombies. Whilst facing objects in front of you like zombies or debris you must not get too far behind or the hoard chasing you will catch up to you.

For progress I’ve worked on character movement, combat, and setting up the animations so far tonight


I really like the look of the character. Reminds me of the style used in Heat Signature.


Small update:

  • Fixed a bug where the player got stuck running into certain walls

  • Cosmetic changes to the floating skull

  • New obstacle: boulders. Can be jumped over, just make sure there’s not a spike on the roof. You can also shoot and break it if jumping is too risky.

  • Changed the breakable walls to break into more pieces.

(Feel free to check out these changes through the link in my first post)


I’ve mostly finished the character controller and brought in the SC generic guy, girl, and skeleton for the characters. The game is playable however the items and obstacles are still statically placed for now as I don’t have the dynamic script done yet. There is also some menus for selecting the character, pausing, restarting, etc. I’ll likely make the world curvature a little less than it is currently.

Treasure Parkway WebGL


@jimrif Cool to see this in action! Played it a bit and just a word of warning to other players … the tree on the left and the police car in combination are deadly! XD

  • Added a magnet power-up for collecting coins easier
  • Added an invulnerability power-up.
  • Made the pooling manager a bit more efficient.
  • Also added a couple new platforms.

Screen-shots of power-ups.





  1. I think I’m getting rid of the ‘Up’ perspective because the difficulty is proving far too difficult at high speeds and it’s harder for the player to predict what’s ahead.
  2. I added another platform.
  3. When invulnerable, empty platform spaces are filled, so the player can walk across, but be careful, once the power-up wears off, the empty platform spaces become empty again.
  4. I’m in the process of making a store, but the store button is disabled.
  5. Added another obstacle - a barrel.
  6. Added rigidbodies to all obstacles, so they can fall from the sky or rotate in interesting ways.
  7. The player has a death particle effect.
  8. The player can fall off the platforms now.
  9. Added credits.


I’ve finished the scripting for dynamic spawning of items and obstacles, changed the world curvature and camera angle, and fixed a couple of bugs. There is some tweaking to be made on the spawning, but it is now playable. Sound is next on my radar.

Treasure Parkway WebGL


I forgot to mention that since the guys were generous with their karate set, I put one of the characters in as an obstacle that shows up after certain distances.


Just uploaded / updated run.Run, RUN to the final version. I removed the impossible to cross jump from the random spawner so the game is a bit more fun. Strangely enough, there is a weird bug where one of the solid platforms will let you fall through it now. Also, added a bonus stage / character, and credits (press z key at title screen to see them). I feel like the game is a bit more fun now (as my high score of the old version was 488, in the new version was 1300!) Here are a few screenshots, with more at the page.



New High Score!


Sounds have been added and I now have a complete game. There is lots of stuff yet to be done for some polish and “juice” which I’ll just update the build on my site.

If you try the game on the site and don’t have sound, be sure to reload the page or clear your cache to get the latest version.


Great to see everyone’s entries coming along! Two days left to polish everything and juice it up! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone.
My game was finished and ready to play. use Unreal Engine 4 for HTML5.


My game is here


My submission is ready and can be found here:

Here are some screenshots.


You may need to refresh the webpage to load the game due to some problem with the domain


5,4,3… today our game jam #10 concludes! So if you have not already, make sure you get your entry in before midnight tonight UTC 0 either on or here on the forum. This is the list of entries that I have so far in no particular order:

@jimrif Treasure Parkway
@juaxix Flashback Runner
@chananut Prixma Run
@sketche99 Run Run Run
@HellJefe Outrun Your Nightmares
@JBednez Space Hangar Escape
GDWC Zdash
vania5595 Legend of Mushroom
@Ricardo_Bencz Nervous Bus

Let me know if I missed you.
Jason and I will be going through your entries to select a winner over the next few days so stay tuned. In the meantime thank you all for your entries!!! :video_game::muscle: