Bitgem Game Jam #10


hello! it’s my first time on this jam! I don’t have any screenshots at the moment, but we’re in! :smiley:



Gah! it’s almost the deadline, we’re really close to finish this up!

Our game is about you drive an school bus in a really bad road while having to avoid other cars, holes in the road and on top of that, fixing the bus while everything is happening!

more stuff soon :slight_smile:


Talk about cutting it fine :slight_smile:



Here’s our entry!! :smiley:

Nervous Bus


Keyboard arrows:
Up / down: move the bus vertical
Left / Right: De-accelerate / Accelerate

Fixing the Bus:
Holding 1 : Motor
Holding 2: Wheel
Mouse LMB


Our Tenth game jam is now done and dusted. Thanks to everyone that stayed up late coding and designing away to the wee small hours. Hope you all grew a little more as game developers.

And The Winners Are (drumroll) …

:trophy: # 1 @Ricardo_Bencz - Nervous Bus Great concept and funky hand-drawn art, the mini games were an excellent mechanic as well.

:checkered_flag: # 2 @jimrif - Treasure Parkway Clean, slick and well produced game that hit the game jam brief really well, nice use of the curved shader.

:checkered_flag: # 3 @JBednez - Space Hangar Escape Great intro! It sets the scene nicely and the speed ramps up at a good pace to get you into a speed rush. The magnet and invulnerability are nice power-ups.

Honourable Mentions

Congrats also to everyone else who managed to finish a game and get it in here. It really was a close call.

@juaxix Flashback Runner I really enjoyed your entry and the arcade feel of it!
@chananut Prixma Run This is almost like one of those music rhythm games where you have to push the right combination of keys at the right time, just without the connection to the music. Loved the look of it too.
@sketche99 Run Run Run Complete looking project with different levels and players as unlockables. Well done!
@HellJefe Outrun Your Nightmares This has a good retro feel to it and the monster skull really makes you want to run!
GDWC Zdash

Prizes will be sent out in the next few days.

Hope to see you in the next jam. Enjoy your week!! :wave:


CONGRATS everyone!!:+1::star2: Thank you so much for participating! I’m already looking forward to the next one. :slight_smile:


ough…not even a mention :confused: i’m so bad at gamedev sometimes…


Hey Juaxix! Don’t be so hard on yourself, you managed to start and finish a game, which is a huge accomplishment in my book! There are tons of people who enter game jams and never produce anything, so I salute you on this alone. So you didn’t place, I didn’t place either, but you know what? There’s always the next game jam! So hang tight, I’m sure that you’re going to come in 1st to 3rd place one of these days, so don’t give up! Besides, with every game jam, you learn something new, or get better at game design, so every little bit counts! I just hope I don’t sound too weirdly enthusiastic about losing…


uow! that was unexpected! thank you very much guys! It was a really fun experience, thanks for the opportunity!

I was so shocked as @juaxix! I was thinking his game was the one who would win the jam! I really enjoyed it and was impressed that it was finished a few days before the end of the deadline :open_mouth:
@JBednez game reminded me an old Dos game called Sky Roads, but with a slight different thematic haha very nice!

I’m looking forward for the next jam :smiley:


Wait a second, let me edit that post. Ok, we have honourable mentions now :wink:
As really it was a very close call between most of you. @juaxix I really enjoyed playing your entry.


couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks for those words of encouragement for juaxix

@juaxix remember shipping is the main goal, you might not notice at the time but you’ll look back in a year and see how far you’ve come as a game developer. Maybe give yourself the challenge of making a small game every month for the next 12 months, start a thread on the forums and share your progress (while we’re a small community) I’m sure you’ll receive lots of help and good (plus bad :slight_smile: ) advice along the way.


Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:


Thanks Matt! And I really enjoyed making it hehe thanks for the assets!


What do you mean by shipping? The game was completed and following the gamejam rules, it even uses juice (combination of tweens) haha


I did that more than 3 years ago,…i shipped more than 20 games and I know sometimes my games just does not work


Thanks Bitgem for the game-jam and to everyone who entered!


Wow, DOS, haven’t heard that term in a while. I used to play Bio-menace, Commander Keen, and Monster Bash on DOS, and Duke Nukem, haha.

I’ll have to check out the game you mentioned.


Hey the fact that you had an entry is huge. Getting something built and functional is key. I’ve had a lot of game ideas I wanted to work on, but they never even saw the light of day because of time. What’s cool about these game jams is you can build up a collection of assets to use in future game jams, you get experience, and they could even be a resume piece.


Yes, I know all of this, thanks :pray:


Sorry all, a bit of a fail on our end as we forgot to send out the prizes! You should all now have a gift voucher sent to your email address you use on the forums.

We also had two entire from GDWC and vania5595 via but they don’t seem to have a forum account. So please sign up and PM me so we can send out your prizes!