Bitgem Game Jam #8


Update Don’t forget to submit your entry via before the 3rd of April. Winners will be announced mid next week!

It’s long overdue but Game Jam #8 kicks off today! We’re leaving it open ended. No theme this time so get creative!

Assets to help you get started are free to download for the next 5 days so grab them now and get coding!

Cemetery Set
Micro Ghost
Micro Ghoul
Micro Knight
Micro Orc

Competition details/rules:

  • 1 entry per developer/team
  • Must incorporate 2 or more assets stated above.
  • You may use other assets you own/license (including non Bitgem assets).
  • Entry must be playable in browser.
  • Entries close 3rd of April 2016.


Winners will be chosen by @matt and @jason

  • :trophy:1st $150 Cash (via Paypal)
  • 2nd $100 Bitgem store credit
  • 3rd $50 Bitgem store credit
  • All other valid entries will receive $15 Bitgem store credit

Don’t forget to share your WIP with us on twitter @bitgem3d and this thread.

Happy coding everyone!!! :video_game:

p.s. once you’ve had time to play with the free assets leaving a review on the store would be much appreciated.

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Though there’s no theme this Game Jam I do love…


Best of luck everyone! I’m excited to see what you’ll come up with. Let the jamming begin!! :checkered_flag::video_game:


Is the url for the micro orc correct?
It points to site, and I can’t seem to login?


good catch, all fixed up now :slight_smile:


what game is this from the image?


I think is Ghouls 'n Ghosts.


Is it OK to use these free assets on projects unrelated to the Game Jam?


Is there any way you could allow for downloadable games that don’t require installation? Unreal supports HTML5 but it’s experimental and therefore buggy. It strips away a lot of the cool engine functionality for 3D games. :frowning:


It also looks like there’s a bunch of meshes missing as stand alone .fbxs that are in the binary and sample. For example, there’s no:

  • Cauldron fbx
  • Gate fbx
  • Dungeon Entrance fbx
  • Coffin
    There might be a few others so it might be worth doing a pass on the cemetery set to make sure all of the meshes have been exported :smiley:


So how do I sign up…This is my first time trying it out. :slight_smile:


I’m interested in signing up also, what are we doing exactly, making a short game with those assets?


Sure is, one of the few games I ever finished at the arcades.


Thanks Scott, will get @matt to export them once he’s up (it’s 2am in Germany right now :sleeping: ) so everyone will get access to the updated files in about 8 hours.


As long as you comply with the licensing terms of the free assets you’re free to use what assets you want.


let me talk to Matt tonight and get back to you, we’ve allowed downloadable games in the past but had a lot of issues with cross platform support etc, plus we really want everyone to play each others games as they get developed.


Hi @Philspaz, just download the free assets above, add in any other assets you own (even non-bitgem assets are fine) and get coding in your engine of choice - Unreal, Unity, Construct 2 etc.

There is no theme for this game jam so any concept is fine, deadline is 3 weeks away (we’ll post an entry form closer to the deadline where you can post the details of your game).

Be sure to share your WIP on the forums as well!


I have some probrem importing Micro Ghoul’s animation into UE4.
(other character has no probrem. they’re very cute!)
I’ll take video-capture later. thank you.


Thanks for checking Jason :smiley: