Bitgem Game Jam #8


I went down the list this evening and took each game for a spin. Everyone came up with some really awesome stuff this time around! Congrats to everyone who crossed the finish line.

My personal favorite, I think, is the Diablo-esque game from @n3v3r001. I think I spent more time playing that one than any of the others. I think I might even go back to it tomorrow, I want to beat that boss!

I really like the look of @NeatWolf’s game, but I’m too bad at old school platformers to get anywhere in it. I think the farthest I got was maybe a hundred feet from where you start. :laughing: It’s so pretty though, getting beaten into a pulp didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

The other standout for me was @SenorConeho’s game. It’s one of the smaller games on the list, but man, I sincerely love the premise. You should think about expanding on it! You have a great idea there.

Again, great games all around. I had a good time trying them all.


Hehe, don’t give up!

When I tried to add a single checkpoint it changed the game from hardcore to easy, so I decided to keep it a bit harder. I chose to pick the non-mandatory Ghouls’N’Ghosts theme.
Go figure, first versions didn’t have health at all. Anyway I never played two times the same way so even with the same base structure you could face many different situations. I tried to pack one full game (ending included), hope you’re going to enjoy it!

It’s hard, not impossible, and there’s a boss fight here as well! (not too hard, you just have to be careful). Search for treasure chests around to obtain up to 3 hearts! (Also, [SPOILER] beware of possible “vengeance” attacks of the boss just as it dies :stuck_out_tongue: )


I wonder how how you create this fog of war? And does it perform in WebGL (or webplayer)
It looks very cool! Actually I also wanted to implement this for my submission :slight_smile:


Great diversity of games. Good Job All!


A lot of interesting entries. I can’t help but wonder how some managed to get the WebGL client to work, though. I still can’t get it working.


Can you be a bit more specific about the errors that you get. Maybe I can be of any help?


Congrats everyone! I’m so impressed with all your entries! Just wanted to say that. We have been playing through them the last few days and it’s amazing to see what you have been putting together in such a short time frame. Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing the winners soon.


Well, last time I attempted an export, it does not fade out the black screen and logo that appears when the map is loaded. From the sound of things, however, the rest of it is running.


Hello fellow game jammers! It is my great pleasure to announce the winners of our EIGHTH game jam!!!
We are very excited about the participation on this one and the variety of concepts and approaches we have seen. It’s been a lot of fun to test your entries and we like them all! But the winners had to be chosen. So without further ado…

The Winners Are (drumroll) …

:trophy: # 1 :trophy: - @NeatWolf with his entry Ghasts’N’Ghosts. Congratulations!!! :tada::dizzy::confetti_ball::balloon::smile: Epic intro mate! Stunning visuals, good atmosphere and a great game overall! …I still have not managed to beat it!

:checkered_flag: # 2 :checkered_flag: - @ItchyGames with Drop The Bodies On The Pool came in second. This game is a barrel’o fun! We loved the arcade feel of it and the hot seat multiplayer! Congratulations! :thumbsup:

:checkered_flag: # 3 :checkered_flag: - @SwatMessi with his entry MiniRTS_Game came in third! Congratulations! Impressive amount of work and functionality in there! It was fun taking that cemetery apart. :thumbsup:

It was hard to pick one game over another. $15 Bitgem store credit go to all who submitted a valid entry. Here they are in no particular order:

The Spooker by @Mr_McGregor
Graveyard Shift by @sketche99
Graveyard Sneak by @Renokun
Ghost Runner by @Christer_Nyberg
Dark Bites by @n3v3r001
Orc Labyrinth by @d3gator
Cannon Bounce by @ebkac
Knight Slash by @rvdroer
Bitgem_jam_8 by @SenorConeho
Last Monster Standing by @JBednez

We will be getting the prizes out to you ASAP! Thank you again everyone for participating and enjoy your weekend!! :wave:



I knew, after quick check on the entries, the ones who will be on the podium were @NeatWolf and me, but i didn’t knew, due to @NeatWolf entry was more polished and visual stunning than mine’s, what final position on the podium we could get, the only one I’ve not expected to be on the podium was @SwatMessi Entry (I’ve expected @n3v3r001 instead, even with those little control issues which had his game).

@matt is true about the great diversity of the games were done on this game jam, there were really innovative game concepts and gameplay.

Congrats everyone! specially the rest of the winners.


Congratulations on the winners! And thanks Bitgem for hosting this game jam!

  • Jon

Jon! My bad! No your game was submitted successfully! It’s awesome! Played it through several times, unlocked all boss battles and won them and tried to unlock all the achievements :slight_smile: . Managed the “didn’t touch anyone” achievement too! Good fun! Just added it to the list.


No problem, just wanted to make sure you got the link. :p.

In the future, will there be specialty rewards. Example: Best Game-play, Best visuals, or storytelling, etc.?

I think for me personally, I would focus more on a specialty reward, as opposed to, cramming as much game into a game as possible in 3 weeeks. lol.

  • Jon
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Yay! Thank you!
I played all the other entries and found pretty good ideas and concepts, even if the 3rd person view hack’n’slash was the dominant one.
I particularly appreciated the presentation of @ItchyGames’s entry, even if I had a hard time playing it for performance reasons (overcrowding in HTML5). I have to change my rig!
I really wasn’t sure about my position, but I knew it would have been a dire fight with @ItchyGames’s entry in the contest, but good job everyone!
In the end, I’m glad I chose to make a platformer, hope you enjoy and manage to get to the end!
I’d have given some more love to a few more entries which didn’t make it to the podium, 3 maybe wasn’t enough, I think at least 5 games had pretty interesting concepts, they just needed a little more polishing, or a soundtrack!

I think next Jam will probably be HTML5 only since the WebPlayer is more and more deprecated. It will be another tough one, I hope many assets will begin to give HTML5 more love - performance and stable frame rate on low-mid end machines is becoming crucial!


Having separate, secondary awards would be nice, but I think people with more or the best assets would easily win over others, I think it would be a little unfair and money-bound. I’m not saying that choosing (and buying) good assets will grant you victory, but it is kind of an advantage.

I think polishing, originality, percentage of completion, robustness, gameplay and overall experience should have more importance for a non-money-biased contest. But, I’m not the judge, don’t know the parameters which have been used, this is just my 2 cents opinion. I’m also an editor for a few magazines (with a soft spot for retro/indie games) and I know that arguing about what should be the parameters to determine what’s a good game could be a “Captain America - Civil War” thing :smiley:


Haha, definitely don’t want an argument like that.


Good job everyone!

Thanks @matt and @jason!
it was fun and a nice experience :slight_smile:

i think i will continue the work on my game :wink:


@matt @jason any news about the prizes deliver date?


Everyone should have received their prizes/vouchers by now so check your inbox!

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Hey everyone! In case you have missed it, here is a link to our currently ongoing game jam. It’s jam #9!