Bitgem Game Jam #8


Good morning! My bad! Looks like I really missed a few objects on export there. It should all be fixed now though.


I have the same issue in Unity 5! I thought it was me and was JUST going to create a new project and check if it’s maybe on my end, glad to know I’m not the only one.

Everything else works great, but the ghoul has 2 models, “micro_ghoul” and “micro_ghoul_animated”, both version seem to ignore any kind of animation I try to play.


Hmmm… that’s odd… tested the file in Maya, Sketchfab and Unity and can’t find anything wrong with it. Do you have a little more information?


I was just about to create a new project to show it to you,but I found the issue in the process.

The animations are incorrectly imported, e.g. the walk animation:

Click the “clamp range” button, then apply (repeat until the button dissapears and these sliders appear )

Look at the start and end frames. After editing the animation sliders, it becomes this: (ignore the note here, I didn’t notice that ‘start’ and ‘end’ are totally editable)

And the animation works.

No idea how to do it in UE though.


Hi! I’m Thunderflux, long time Bitgem fan and first time game jammer :smiley: Looking forward to sharing my entry and seeing what everyone creates!


I tried to import assets with these step.

  1. Import texture file
  2. Import model
  3. Attach texture into model’s material
  4. Import animatioin data assigning the model’s skelton

Sorry for my awful english skill, I recorded hands on.

Knight (works fine)

Ghoul (have probrem)

thank you.


Any hope for allowing downloadable executables for Unreal? If you guys are cool with it, that would allow me to start jamming :smiley:


Nice, I might work on something for this jam. Not really sure what yet, but I have a few ideas.

Is it cool to create our own WIP threads on the forum?


feel free to create your own thread but it’s worth sharing here as well so people don’t miss out on your progress.


Hey @Scott, we’re going to make another category for downloadable games…prizes might not be as good as the main pool sorry but Matt and I will sort out something :slight_smile: it’s just we’ve had lots of issues in the past with downloadable games and to keep this comp fair we want to treat in browser vs installable game as separate entries for now.


I missed out on the last jam, but am going to try to get in on the fun this time. Now I just have to come up with an idea.

If we replace the textures or change the animations on any of the assets, does it still count as “using” them, or must they be left in their original form?


[quote=“anarbitrarymustache, post:31, topic:396”]
If we replace the textures or change the animations on any of the assets, does it still count as “using” them, or must they be left in their original form?
[/quote] go crazy you’re fine to tweak and improve the assets!


I’ve been making some progress, and I have an early WIP build up here. WASD to move, space to jump.

The goal of the game is to scare the knight by sneaking up from behind. If he spots you in front of him, he’ll chase you down and attack. The challenge is figuring out how to get behind him, although it isn’t much of a challenge in this one little test map I set up.

The way I’m imagining it, the knight is the hero and a fictional player is controlling him for a Let’s Play series on YouTube. You’re controlling the villain of the game and you’re trying to be helpful by jump-scaring him to get views. I don’t know how much of that idea will make it into the actual game between now and the third, though. I’m going to focus on making the game play interesting before I worry too much about the framing device.


Not much to show for the moment, but it’s what I’ve got (not really a game yet, just a demo scene) :slightly_smiling:

This is actually kind of a nice excuse for me to test an audio system I’ve been working on in a real project (actually, I’ve already caught two issues which I’ve noted to be fixed for later).

In the base I have so far, I’ve got basic hurtboxes working for the player and attack chaining, game character movement and state machines implemented (both the ghoul and the player actually share the same physics and state machine ATM, although the ghoul doesn’t move and the player can’t be hurt yet :P), and both the cauldron and ghoul drop coins when hit (the idea is that any and all damageable items in the game drop one coin when hit, and then drop a big pile of coins when destroyed).
I’m toying around with the idea of procedurally generating levels (since I’m really quite terrible at level design), too, will explore that once I have more of the combat and basic gameplay in place.

Tested on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge with both keyboard and Xbox 360 gamepad. Works on Chrome aside from being a bit laggy on startup, in Firefox the gamepad buttons don’t appear to work (must use keyboard keys), and it works pretty much perfectly in Edge.

Controls are left stick or arrow keys to move, and A button or Z key to attack. Attacks can be chained into a three hit combo.


is it possible to extend the deadline? End of April?


Hey those two WIP’s are good fun! @Mr_McGregor @KillaMaaki Looking promising! :slightly_smiling:

On another note I have been looking at the ghoul animations again and I really can’t find anything wrong with them on this end. Is anyone else still experiencing problems with them?

@goldenratio Extending the deadline would be a little unfair to those who have already planned their project based on the current time frame.


I expected someone to have the same idea as me, but this is really close lol.

I’d upload my own WIP but there are no hittable enemies yet

Game screenshot

The idea:
Procedural generated areas, like this one:

The circles are random on every area, the possible mini-areas (stuff that can appear in these circles) are:
-Graveyard (ghoul creeps)
-Tomb (ghost creep)
-Orcs digging something…-area :stuck_out_tongue:

The level “design” is inspired by binding of isaac, with an unlimited number of these areas (there are some dead ends)

It might have coop if i find the time to implement it.


Working on my entry, I’ve managed to build the base of a top-down(-ish) action game (with slight RPG influences, hopefully I’ll manage to boost them).
You play as a demi-goddess rudely awakened by (undead?) grave robbers, or rather, your trusty familiar (the Micro Ghoul) Susan warning you of the grave robbers blasphemous destruction of your sleeping chambers (and temple). Equipped only with a hammer and your furious anger you must, nay, you will, destroy them (and their masters, in Level 2) and anyone else who might get in your way.

Screenshot of a fight with some weird zombies(click for larger view, if you want to see the player character and her familiar):

Planning 2 levels, might make it 3, but I am trying to keep it simple. I have a tendency to overreach and overestimate how much time I have…

More info, and a better screenshot, might, nay, will (most likely, trying to stay positive ;)) come soon.

I am seeing the same issues as @adnan_e in Unity 5.3.4f1 (latest non-beta version), the animation frames are way out of range (400-700 more than they should be).


If you’re using the stand alone animations here’s a quick little hack , in Unity 4 you didn’t have to do this no idea why you have to in 5 ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Updated demo, same link as before.
I’ve started to get basic combat mechanics working. Now you can destroy the cauldron, as well as new torches I’ve scattered around, and you can kill the ghouls (which will now follow you when you get close enough - just started working on their behavior patterns). Destroyed objects and slain enemies will spawn a shower of coins now :smiley:

I also knew somebody would have a similar idea :stuck_out_tongue:
It looks like we’re heading in somewhat different directions though, especially in terms of level layout and generation. Main goal of the game appears to be different - I was thinking of (and I don’t know if I can do this in time, but I’ll find out haha) basically making mine semi-competitive. The goal of the game would be to have the most gold at the end of the game, and so the game would be centered around collecting gold and would (I hope) encourage stealing loot from other players XD.