Bitgem Game Jam #8


I spent my jam time today working on polishing the visuals in my game. I thought it would be prudent to get a better idea of how I wanted everything to look before I started producing more levels, so I’ve been tinkering with lighting and effects and the like. I think it’s paying off! My puzzle game might not have any puzzles yet, but it’s looking a whole lot better than it did a couple days ago.

There are some small touches here that I’m pretty proud of. The brightness of the candles flickers up and down at random intervals, and the little ghost lights follow you with their eyes as you move. I’m trying hard to think of ways to make the whole thing come alive (undead?) aesthetically. I’ve been quietly updating the build I posted a couple times a day, and I’ll continue to do so.

The other entries on here are really awesome so far. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go!


Don’t know what this is going to be :slight_smile:
Still WIP


Hey everyone! Just letting all the unreal people know that we have updated the Ghoul animations! I hope they work fine now. I can’t say that we found the problem but we used an older .fbx exporter that seems to do the trick! Please let us know if that fixes the problem :). Cheers!


Hi there, the Name’s Jonay Rosales González. 2 Days ago I saw the Jam Discussion and their info and interested me a lot. So I came up with a game for the jam which fuses game mechanics from Super Smash Bros and Minigore, added traps a gogo and a nice enviroment.

I Present you Drop The Bodies on the Pool:

Youtube Video

the premise is simple:

Slain all the enemies you encounter by dropping them to the lava pits.
Every hit you or the enemies recieves, it become easier to blown you/them away and fall to the lava pool. Beware of traps and use them aganist the enemies.

There are 3 types enemies, each one with their own capabilities.

on the next days I’ll work on the GUI and some game rules and I think I’m done with it (maybe add 1 or 2 levels more too).

As soon I have all the essential elements of the game done I’ll upload the game to the internet.

I hope you like it.


@ItchyGames You’ve made a lot of progress in two days! My favorite part is the way they sometimes fly at the camera when you knock them away.


Work in progress on Ghosts 'n Gauntlets - basic gameplay loop is going and procedural map generation (with 1 thrilling room variant!). I’d like to get in class selection and level progression before the final, so the Green Wizard Can Need Food Badly :smiley:

RMB to move and LMB to attack!


Game Demo.

Right now, it’s only AI.

The game is based on Mario Party’s Mini Game - Bumper Balls.

  • Jon


Is it ok to build it for Unity Web Player?
Because WebGL currently does not work - i just get a grey screen <.<


Is time to triplicate the awesomeness…


yep, I’m serious


Hi, Alexandre here (SenorConeho), glad to join this jam. Still don’t know exactly what to do in gameplay terms, but I have a few ideas inspired by the assets:

  • a Gauntlet-like game;
  • some sort of PacMan (yeah, I know, doesn’t make sense);
  • some kind of tower defense game;

Anyway, started working in the basic: character movement, basic A.I. (chase, attack, being hit).

Thanks, hope to show some real progress soon!


Saturday progress:

Added new Character, enhance old particles, Added Bloom post-process and started (but not implemented) with GUI.

Third Video


Hello! I had to sit out the last few BitGem GameJams but the stars have come together and I can participate in this one.
WebGL Demo:

The premise is action pinball with light puzzle solving to get high scores.
My goal for this jam is three levels, each progressively harder to get a high score on.

Balls can take ten hits before exploding.
Each bounce subtracts points.


Hm, does the ghost not have any sort of death animation? Picking through the animations in Unity I can’t seem to find any. I’m using Despawn now, but it doesn’t seem to fit quite right.


@ebkac Oh, that’s a cool idea. I don’t think I’ve seen someone come up with a pinball game for one these before. I like the way your cannonballs slow down as they push through the water, that has a really nice feel to it.

@KillaMaaki You know I hadn’t noticed the lack of a death animation. The idea was probably to use despawn, like you said. You know what I like, though? I tried setting the spawn animation to play backwards and I think that actually looks better. It causes the ghost to suddenly drop through the floor rather than drift down gradually.


[quote=“Mr_McGregor, post:54, topic:396, full:true”]You know what I like, though? I tried setting the spawn animation to play backwards and I think that actually looks better.

Ah, yeah, thanks that works. I set the speed to -2 and that seems to work fine (-1 was a bit too slow for my tastes, want the player to have more immediate feedback that the ghost is dead).


Update -

  1. Player is the orc.
  2. Win and Lose condition added.
  3. Other fixes.

Please let me know what you think!


here we have the last character: the wizard. Right now I’m with the In-Game GUI after finish the multiplayer camera.


It seems fun so far. I’ve never played the Mario Party mini-game you mentioned, but the whole thing has kind of a cartoon sumo vibe for me, which is awesome.

I ran into a bug where the ghost landed on top of the ghoul and just continued bouncing straight up and down indefinitely while the ghoul spun around in circles. If the characters are using sphere colliders, it’s probably not a common problem to see one balance on top of another.


Should we use WebGL or is the Web Player still usable?


Anyway, I chose to make a platform. Of course I can’t pull off dozens of levels alone and in such a strict amount of time, so this is likely to be a big single level - maybe more.
One life, one hit(maybe 3), and it’s game over.
And yes, I was stress-testing the code with hundreds of lemmings :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a work in progress of course.