Bitgem Game Jam #8


I’m wondering this too. I have a ~25fps loss with webGL and hope the webplayer is fine.
It still runs great on firefox and even IE


Exactly, what are them? Use only for non commercial use?

I’d like to know, officially if the old Unity Webplayer can be used or are we forced into using WebGL.


Thanks for the feedback.

I think the Collider issue has to due with the fact that the platform isn’t flat. I’ll look into it.


Day of polish and adding new feature. You now need to destroy the ghost, ghoul and orc to drop the shields before you can damage them.


Here’s what I have so far:

Pretty basic stuff (mostly just pathfinding), but it’s a start!


Web Player or WebGL are both fine.


Webplayer is still fine, the FPS drop with most WebGL games can be a bit of a killer.


Hi everybody,

I am new in Bitgem community and I will try to make something good for this game jam.

You can try my entry here.
For the first scene, you have to find the stone circle at the top of the graveyard.
The rest of the story will come later.

The key :

  • “WASD” for moving
  • “space” for jump
  • “shift” for runing
  • “q” ??? (use in the next scene)

My plan for this game jam :

  1. Scene 2 and 3 making
  2. Improve movement
  3. Adding atmosphere text and help text
  4. Adding decor of existing decor


I´m currently working on AI, see screenshots :slightly_smiling:

How did you get Unity WebGI working? Mine is still not working - just a empty window…
Also not working if i upload it to Webserver…

I´m currently almost done with scripting.
Now i wanted to create the map and the graves… but this is really much "put this thing here and the other thing there…"
So i decided to create the map by script :slight_smile:

Screenshot from the graves :sweat_smile:


  • Added ship that fires on players.
  • Added weather effects.
  • Slowed player and AI movement.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Please let me know what you think!

  • Jon


New video. Here I show you the special attacks from 2 of the 3 characters.


Hahaha! This is a fun Jam! Great work so far everyone! :grinning:


I am also going to be giving it a try again, as it’s been awhile since I participated. The past few themes just haven’t inspired me, much. I very much love the ones that allow us to be our creative best. Nothing to show at the moment, as for the past week it’s all been the AI groundwork, but today I started on level design. Hope to have something to show soon!


Last Monster Standing (Working Title) -

  • Added 2 more levels (Lava Falls and Snow Mountain)
  • Added Music and Sound
  • Added Level Selection Menu


another progress video: working on main menu and game loop, appart from balancing the gameplay


Hey im working an a little RTS game :slight_smile:

i have done the basics last Week. (selection, scrolling, build, resources, map)

the last Days i reworked / textured the models from “cemetery set

currently im working on the worker and building functions

and for next days:
create models/animations for units (with blender)
enemy attack
building units

hope the time is enough! :slightly_smiling:


Hi everybody,

This is the last version of my game.

I add the second scene and fix some bug.

The key :

  • “WASD” or arrows for moving
  • “space” for jump
  • “shift” for runing
  • “q” for change character
  • “Esc” skip text

Maybe this is my final release before the end of the gamejam because. I have not more time for this.


Beta 1 Released
Sound FX added
Animations added
Cameras watching each target now, picture in picture
Three levels total now plus home menu


Hi @matt and @jason, I’m developing my game for the old Web Player.
Since I’d like it to be played in 16:9 I’m forcing the playable window to 640x360.

Of course it can be also played in full screen, with some unwanted stretching.

I’m doing this to save on performance, I’m also not sure if I should enable or not shadowcasting.

It should run flawlessly on recent mid range PCs but I’m unsure on what to do.

Should I extend the gaming window a bit to the next available 16:9 resolution to be playable in browser? (eg 960x540) or a value in between?

Should I force maximum detail or not? (soft particles, shadows, etc,)

Also, how much complete should be the game? I chose to develop a platform but of course the time isn’t enough to provide like 32 levels with boss battles.
Is one huge level ok? I’m using the Ghouls’n’Ghosts theme, 1 hit->death, no checkpoints on purpose. So the playtime should be enough (pretty hardcore difficulty).

Clarifications about the Game Jam rules

Last Monster Standing WIP -

  1. Added Title Screen
  2. Added Level Selection Screen
  3. Optimizations
  4. Increased Resolution to 960 x 600.

Controls - WASD or ArrowKeys.
How to Win - Knock all other monsters off the platform!

Please let me know what you think.

  • Jon