Bitgem Game Jam #8


Drop The Bodies on the Pool (WIP)

known issues:

  • emissive/bloom behave wrong on WebGL
  • collision particle on enemies bullets crazy behavior
  • some little adjustments here and there to difficulty balance

IMPORTANT NOTE: Push Tab key to configure all game controls.

MovementAxisX = Horizontal Movement
MovementAxisY = Vertical Movement
Attack = Attack button, hold button to attack
Special = Tap Special button when rage is 100% to perform special attack (Wizard is the only one who can use the special when he wants).
Credit = add credits on main menu.
Start = Join the game

Each Player is assigned to a different character, have it in mind if you want to play with an specific character:
Player 1 = Knight
Player 2 = Elf
Player 3 = Wizard

at the moment, there are 3 players, 5 enemy types, 2 bosses and 1 single level.

Hope you like it!


I´m currently almost done with scripting.
Now i wanted to create the map and the graves… but this is really much "put this thing here and the other thing there…"
So i decided to create the map by script :slight_smile:

Screenshot from the graves :sweat_smile:


Today i went to the cemetery and made some pictures/got some ideas. Then i re-designed the random generated graves and added a new random generated double-grave :slight_smile:
The random generation works really fine. :grinning:
I also started to place the (random generated) graves on the map.
This took about 6 hours and i have done just about 40% :scream:

Creating the map will take lot more time as i thought.

One Question to Bitgem Team:
What should do when i finished my game? Where to create the “entry” - is there some form? Or is a post with a link to the game in this thread enough?

I also testet your games:
I cant choose a character, so cant try your game.
Your game is working - i die really often :sob:

Sorry, but allow just 3 Posts in this Thread and just 2 Screenshot per Post is really annoying :thumbsdown:. How to post the progress with this limitations? :disappointed_relieved:


Here is the link to my game. Have fun with it :slight_smile:

Your games are all really great, nice games at this jam :smile:


Last Monster Standing -

  • Added Progression System
  • Added Boss Battles
  • Added UI Effects
  • Optimized the build a bit.


I am preparing a demo of what I have so far, but the WebGL client is not working. Has anyone else run into this, and if so, how did you combat it? Thanks!

Edit: I managed to solve one issue, Dropbox (my host for this) wasn’t reading gzipped files. Extracting the contents fixed now. Now I am having unhandled array issues.


I switched back to the Web Player. A few assets simply wouldn’t work on HTML5. Also, I needed something more performant.


Thinking I may have to do this, too. Thanks for the advice!


So the most Scripting is done!

I have some Stuff left -> Animations, Models and UI.
3 Days left…

here a current Screenshot.


how to submit and join the Jam officially?


I am going to be reworking the Level 1 and make more levels, but here’s what I have going to far. Score saving and lives are not yet implemented, unfortunately. It’s on the list next.

Note: It’s using the old Web Player. I could not get WebGL to work at all.


@allansamurai Loved the atmosphere and visuals!

@Renokun Great gameplay idea and mechanics, really loved too. How did you get that camera perspective in the game? It’s some special plugin or package from Asset Store?

Unfortunately I will not be able to finish the project until the deadline, but it’s been a great experience so far. The assets provided are really good and inspired me a lot of game ideas. Thanks to my friend Ricardo Bencz ideas, we ended up with this:

  • The knights must go to the graves to mourn their fallen friends, before an evil spirit devour their souls. When the knight is mourning, they loose their ‘sadness level’ and fill up the ‘redemption level’ on the grave. Once the spirit in the grave is ‘redeemed’, the knight will search for other grave to mourn, until all his sadness is gone.
  • When a knight is mourning, the ghost can possess them, making them stop crying and going straight to the exit gate.
  • The priest can ‘exorcise’ the possessed knight, so he can continue to mourn and thus save the souls of his friends.

Still haven’t decided if the player will control the priest, or the knight or even be the evil spirit and sumon the ghosts to prevent the incoming knights from saving the souls, much like a tower defense game.

Some screenshots:

Knight mourning at a grave, and ghost going to possess it

Knight possessed leaving the level, and the priest trying to exorcise the spirit from him

Sorry for the long post, but I feeled the game idea was good enough to share. And sorry for my bad english, it’s no my first language also.

  • Alex


Don’t forget to submit your entry via before the 3rd of April. Winners will be announced mid next week!


Hello all, this is my 1st time competing in a Bitgem Game Jam and thought that I almost wouldn’t finish my quick game. Its made with unity and is called “Graveyard Shift”. Its a action beat 'em up type game where you have to survive working in a haunted graveyard during the graveyard shift. I tried to emulate old PS1 / Sega Saturn type graphics with my game. You can walk, do a 2 hit combo, do a walking attack, and run for your life :smile: There are 2 powerups, 1 a roast chicken that restores health, and a power potion that gives you double damage for a short time. There are 3 short levels with 2 stages a piece, with a boss battle taking place on the 2nd stage.
Here are the links to play… Unity Webplayer & Unity Web GL
And here are a few screenshots…


@SenorConeho The camera is an orthographic camera. There are a few you can find, one on the Asset Store and another elsewhere that I have forgotten at the moment. I hope this helps!


Sunday? The pressure is on! I had a map failure so I am having to redo it. Ugh, gotta keep going! :slight_smile:


still some stuff left :confused:
like informations about units and buildings, but its playable :smiley:

Goal of my Game is:
Farm Resources -> Build a Base -> Defend your Base -> Attack the Enemy -> Kill the Boss

i will upload it at the evening now i continue working and fix some bugs…


Beta Build -

  • Added Achievements
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added controls menu
  • Reduced difficulty


I added my subscription yesterday, but got no confirmation (via mail).
Should I have?

Here is my submission


Guys… so much good work here!! I have the official closing time for you all: …We’ll close the entry form first thing Monday morning when Jason gets up in Australia! Ok it’s not an exact time, but Jason gets up quite early so make sure you get your entries in if you have not already! :smiley: We are really looking forward to playing all your games! Good Luck!


Drop The Bodies on The Pool

My entry now is Finished. I’m kinda tired. the only known issue is entry your name on the high score could not work properly (cannot choose letters properly pushing up and down), but can register the score and rank sucessfully. Make sure configure the game controls as you wish before begin to play.