Bitgem Game Jam #9


UPDATE 08.03.2018

Please remember we’ve set up a page on which is where we’ll gather submission at the end of the game jam, it’s free to host entries and will be a great way to showcase all the games at the end of a jam!

Game Jam #9 kicks off today!

As you may have guessed from Jason’s previous post, it has something to do with combat!


The aim of this jam is to create a simple, one on one, side view fighting game. A successful entry must have a playable character and a computer adversary that battle it out in a small arena to determine a winner. The setting and controls are entirely up to you! You may choose to copy the International Karate reference or you may choose to come up with something entirely unique. A battle can take all sorts of forms and can be fought using all manner of objects… :wink:

Building a fighting game is no easy task even if it is a simple one so for this jam we are setting a 1-month time frame.

Assets to help you get started are free to download for the next 5 days so if you want to use them grab them now and get coding!

Karate Set - SC

Competition details/rules:

  • 1 entry per developer/team
  • You may use other assets you own/license (including non Bitgem assets).
  • Post your Work In Progress on this thred
  • Entry must be playable in browser.
  • Entries close 12th of March 2018.


Winners will be chosen by @matt and @jason

  • :trophy:1st $150 BitGem store credit and help with promotion
  • 2nd $100 BitGem store credit
  • 3rd $50 BitGem store credit
  • All other valid entries will receive $15 BitGem store credit

Don’t forget to share your WIP with us on twitter @bitgem3d and in this thread.

Happy coding everyone!!! :video_game:

p.s. once you’ve had time to play with the free assets leaving a review on the store would be much appreciated.

International Karate - Smashy Craft Series by BitGem on Sketchfab

Matt's Work In Progress Blog
Bitgem Game Jam #8

Hello, how can i submit my W.I.P.?


Hey @juaxix !
Just post it as a reply to this thread. See game jam (#8) as an example.


Ok, here it’s the alpha version


That’s pretty impressive for one day’s work! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


We’ve set up a page on which is where we’ll gather submission at the end of the game jam, it’s free to host entries and will be a great way to showcase all the games at the end of a jam!

And if you’re looking for inspiration they have a great collection of fighting games as well


Just to make sure I’m following the rules right…

A 2D 1 on 1 fighter like street fighter is ok?
A 3D 1 on 1 fighter like virtua fighter is ok?
A 2D side scroll fighter like double dragon is ok?
A 3D side scroll fighter ish game like fighting force is ok?
A 2D or 3D 1 to 4 player fighter like super smash bros is ok?

And we have to use at least some bitgem assets, correct?


Hey @sketche99!

To answer your questions:

  • A 2D 1 on 1 fighter like street fighter is ok? - Yes
  • A 3D 1 on 1 fighter like virtual fighter is ok? - Yes
  • A 2D side scroll fighter like double dragon is ok? - … the brief is to build a simple one on one, side-view fighting game where two (I suppose you can have more than two) parties battle it out in a small arena (not a sidescroller level). A sidescroller beat em up is a little different. I’m assuming that @juaxix is going to adapt his entry to fit the brief down the line as it’s more of a side scroller beat em up at this point.
  • A 2D or 3D 1 to 4 player fighter like super smash bros is ok? - Yes

And we have to use at least some bitgem assets, correct? - You don’t necessarily have to but it would be nice!

Savvy? :slight_smile:


I’ll probably end up struggling due to work and RSI restraints, but I’ll give this a go! Spent an hour or two putting together a basic scene and a few custom shaders/material, post processing, and basic camera behaviour etc.

Probably enough time spent on presentation now and on with the gameplay!

So, a first progress GIF of Unintentional Karate:


@Andrew_Neale Love the look of it! :eyes: :sunglasses:


Love the camera depth of field and tones, can you share your setup that achieved that look?


@matt Thanks! I had some decent assets to help. :wink:

@jason Thanks, and sure - the majority of the look is down to the post processing profile (in a linear color space). I’m adjusting some of the settings dynamically based on camera position/zoom, but the base settings are below (all per the default values where not specified):


  • On

Ambient Occlusion

  • Intensity: 0.74
  • Radius: 0.38

Depth of Field

  • Focus Distance: (being set dynamically to match the distance to the look target)
  • Aperture (f-stop): (again, dynamically set, 1 / distance, clamped between 0.1 and 20)
  • Focal Length: 35


  • Intensity: 1.5
  • Threshold Gamma: 1

Color Grading

  • Tonemapper: Filmic
  • Post Exposure: 0.5
  • Temperature: 16
  • Saturation: 0.8
  • Contrast: 1.22


  • Intensity: 0.138
  • Luminance Contribution: 0.881
  • Size: 1.06


  • Intensity: 0.258

The other thing I’m doing is using a custom shader, based on the standard shader but with rim lighting added. I’m also using a second material variation for everything that isn’t the main stage which is much darkened to be more like a silhouette but with just a touch of rim lighting still present to give a bit more definition and depth.

I hope that helps, but please do shout if I’ve missed something or I can help with anything else. :slight_smile:

I got another couple of hours in and have started on some animation work (idle, jumping, falling) and hooking up all the transitions. The control system is set up for controllers or keyboard and basic player physics are sorted now and feel quite good. I’ve also got ragdolls working and a temporary magic box of death which triggers the ragdoll on one of the characters to help testing.

Plenty still to do but the fact that movement feels good and it’s already fun to just knock around the ragdoll is a plus!


Sorry, me again! This may unfortunately be my last chance to do anything on this until next weekend so I thought I’d share the latest bit of progress.

The opponent is not yet proper AI but does at least move on his own to maintain a set distance between you. Walking animation has been made and integrated. Crouching as well, including making a bigger jump immediately following a crouch. There’s also some leaves blowing around to add some extra atmosphere. A few other minor tweaks here and there have been made and it’s starting to come together. The next thing to attack will be…well…attacks! So that should be fun! :smiley:

EDIT - Rather than make yet another post, I’ll edit this one with the newest updates.

I’ve implemented quick and heavy attacks, each with a little wind up time to allow for reacting to them. There are dynamic hit boxes now which allows you to dodge or duck under incoming attacks. Attack frames are synchronised with the animations and a hit only registers if there is direct contact during the appropriate section of the animation. The AI is still incredibly basic but will attack back, with a complete disregard for waiting for you to recover from the last time he knocked you out… I’ll fix that later! Added some music as well.


@Andrew_Neale Mate, that’s awesome! Thanks for the breakdown. I can’t wait to see where you take this. :slight_smile:


I found a little time today (because I couldn’t stand not working on it!), so here is a minor update with some tweaks/fixes to gameplay, an initial implementation of a HUD, a distinction between getting knocked back (new animation) and getting knocked out (ragdoll), health/damage (with different amounts of damage depending on where you’re hit), and ending a fight when one fighter’s health reaches 0 with slow motion and a new celebratory backflip animation.

There’s loads of polish and extra features I want to add but at least I’m getting close to a fully playable game now.

I’m having soooo much fun making this (I’ve never made a beat-em-up before), and gradually more and more fun playing it!


@Andrew_Neale HAhaha your enthusiasm really shows in your project! It looks great! How do you go about making the animations for the characters?

March is upon us and the deadline inches closer. Only 12 days to go!

If you are working on an entry and have not posted any progress, now is a good time to do so. (no matter how crude it looks)


@matt Thank you! :slight_smile:

I usually opt for procedural animation as I’m first and foremost a programmer and more comfortable with numbers and functions than the art side of things. However, for this game I really wanted the attacks to look and feel right (or as close as I could manage!) so decided to go for a more traditional approach. That said, I’m still doing some procedural animation to do things like smoothly leaning whilst running based on speed.

I initially tried to do the animation work in Blender but had some issues with importing the characters (bones jumbled or the mesh not properly skinned to it). I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but after a lot of tweaking the import settings and not getting it to work I decided to do all the animation work directly in Unity. A few examples:

It hasn’t really been too dissimilar to working in Blender and I’ve also made use of the timeline to add events which trigger things such as saying that the attack is currently active so that hits only register during the correct section of the punch. Also, all my animations are “in place” so the movement is fully handles by the physics object which the animated mesh is a child of, so the animation events are able to trigger forces to be applied to the parent object so that, for example, the backflip moves the player backwards despite the animation not including horizontal movement.

The bigger struggle has been the animator controller which now has so many states with different transitions and rules, parameters, triggers, blended layers with bone masks, etc. I don’t look forward to diving back in there, particularly when it comes to fixing a bizzare and hard to replicate transition bug! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a little bit of progress I did for the game last night. Still trying to figure out how I’m going to handle the AI.



Got some more time today and had one of those days where you end up putting a lot of work into a couple of very minor things. Hopefully they were worth it though!

Firstly, I spent ages tweaking the ragdoll joints and they are waaaayyyy better now. Much more enjoyable to watch them flop, crumple, or fly!

Secondly, I put together a custom UI shader for my health bars. It renders an animated shiny gold colour when the health bar is full and then becomes a scaling/shifting 4-stop gradient (with a slight animation just to keep it interesting) as the health bar empties. There is also an animated “shadow” for the health bar which lets you see the amount of health you just lost for a brief time.

This shader is quite flexible though, and I intend to use it for other things such as the presentation of achievements etc. (see the last few seconds of the video for an example).

Aside from that, I’ve been trying to get the more “boring” stuff together, like main menu and game structure. There are more gameplay bits I want to do for the base game and a bunch of ideas I want to try for additional game modes/options but I want to get the more humdrum bits out of the way now rather than leave them to the end.

Oh, and I’ve put together a few more music tracks, one of which is used here. I can’t quite settle on a style yet but it also wouldn’t hurt to have a bunch of options to shuffle through for variety.


Put a little bit of more time in to make a Health Bar UI.