Bitgem Game Jam #9


With today off work, I’ve mostly been putting together what will hopefully be a re-usable menu system/framework which works with mouse, keyboard, and gamepad. I’ve been cleaning up a few bits of prototype code to be more event/state/data driven to allow communication between systems without references to one another. I’ve also done some work to utilise a bunch of virtual cameras and some custom logic to make some (hopefully) interesting camera transitions. Lastly, proper pausing is now implemented.


Last ~10 hours gone into a main menu… nearly finished…

Also found something out: if you make a pixel (perfect) game, dont compress the sprites, because the colors will get problems… disabled compression on all pixel (perfect) images -> looks nice now!


@JBednez will be interesting to see how well these guys work in a fighting game. Are you using the original animations or do you have custom ones?

@Andrew_Neale … how many people are you?

@n3v3r001 do you have a screenshot? :slight_smile:



I am using original animations, I don’t know how to animate.
So I am limited to what attacks they each have. For now, I’ve broken them down to two basic attacks and one special attack.

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Made a little environment, using Bloom Optimized and Linear Fog.



@JBednez cool, have you looked into using linear color space? It kind of looks like this is gamma… it’s one of the first things I do when I start a project. Switch from gamma to linear. I wonder why it’s not set to linear per default.



No I haven’t, but thanks for the link. That’s awesome!

I’ll check out my settings when I have some spare time.

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@JBednez Nice work - with the scenery in there now it looks like it’s coming together well.

@matt Haha, sadly just the one. Would really relish the opportunity to work in a team, particularly with someone who’s as talented of an artist as you! :wink:

Less big noticeable stuff today, but another re-usable system created; a sound bank manager thingy. So, it lets you define types of sounds and supply as many clips as you want for each type. You can then make calls to it directly or hook it up to events triggered by anything else in the game to avoid needing to reference it directly (using a basic scriptable event system I put together) and pass across the reference to the bank of sounds you’d like to play a random sound from. You can optionally pass across other info, such as volume, pitch, position (for 3d sounds), etc. So, a bunch of initial sounds are now hooked up to footsteps, attacks, impacts etc.

A few other odds and ends such as the beginnings of the stats screen and making the fighters flash red briefly after being hit.

Still so much to do! Can see myself continuing to work on this for a bit after the deadline (separate from the competition - I’m not admitting I’m going to cheat :stuck_out_tongue:) just to see it through to what my initial hopes/plans for it were.



Your game looks amazing, I’m still trying to get the AI to work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details on the camera setup, I may use that in the game.

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@JBednez Thanks! My “AI” is barely worthy of the name at the moment and is one of at least 20 things on my current to-do list. :confounded: No problem at all - I hope it helps! The Unity community is so fantastic for sharing knowledge so if I can give anything back then I’m happy. :slight_smile:


Managed to get a couple of hours in. Using linear color space and finishing up the character screen. The AI state machine works, so hopefully I’ll have a video soon to show.




Excellent! Great seeing your projects coming together! :slight_smile: We are nearing the end of the jam so please remember that we’ve set up a page on which is where we’ll gather submission at the end of the game jam.


Quick Update: Added a third character and all characters use different stats for speed and power.



I know that I’ve been relatively quiet this game jam, mostly because I couldn’t quite figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Now that I’ve got a half way decent idea of what I’d like to do, I only have roughly 2 days to make it happen. I’ll try to post some work in progress, but I may just focus on jamming something somewhat playable in 2 days.


I’ve started doing dev logs on the Itch page, so I’ll just link this here for anyone that might be interested. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I think I’m going to be very limited as to what more I can do before the deadline now but, as much as I’ll be kept awake lamenting the features that didn’t make it in time, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished so far.

Best of luck and happy development to everyone else in these last couple of days! :smiley:


Last weekend before the deadline. Really looking forward to your entries! :slight_smile: :video_game:


Ok, here we are, definitely my final update to this before the deadline. Massively improved AI, overhauled collision detection, and a bunch of effect-based polish.

Dev log:


Having issues building the WebGL version. Hopefully this will clear up before submission. :slight_smile:


I’m having WebGL build issues as well, but I will post win, mac and linux exes just incase WebGL falls through.


I found this comment thread to help.

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