Bitgem Game Jam #9


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll give it a go and see if it works for me.


JBednez, thanks for the WebGL help, unfortunately it didn’t work for me.
There seems to be an issue with Ultimate Fighter Engine for Unity and WebGL.
But i’ll keep it in mind if I ever run into the same issue again.
Congrats to everyone that submitted to the jam, Great Work!


Nice work all! any last minute entries before Matt and I get to playing them all?

Any feedback on the submission process? as it’s the first time we’ve used it. I really like that everyone has a nice little landing page for their game.


Really like the submission process. I didn’t realize you could post a dev log and update the client so easily. I’m looking forward to using the web-site for future games and I’ll start posting my process on the “What Are You Working On” thread.

I was thinking of making a game that uses your little orc guy and making a lemmings type of game.

Thanks for the game jam.

  • Jon


I too really like as a game platform and for game jams.

I have yet to use the client, but after JBednez post, I may have to give it an install.

I like that you can post dev logs if you wish, and the community is not as harsh, as like say Kongregate (I remember posting my first 3 unity games I had ever made there and most of the comments I got where really discouraging and I haven’t posted anything there since) gets 2 really big thumbs up from me!

Also, thanks for the jam! I was hoping to have a stronger showing than I did for the Bitgem Game Jame #8, but just didn’t have the time to dedicate to my project the way I had hoped to…

Well, there’s always Bitgem Game Jam #10 :grin:


Definitely a fan of the approach. Already been using for a while now and plan to keep using it for current and future projects. Really nice way to present your games and keep interacting with players.

As had been said, thanks for running this jam. It’s been a blast. :smiley:


The deadline is drawing closer. Jason will close it off when he get’s up Tuesday morning (in Australia) so if you want to get in any last changes you still can until then. :slight_smile:


Our Ninth game jam is hereby concluded. It has been a while since our last jam so thank you for participating in this revival of the series! We have had really fun results to play with and we have already chosen the winners! So without further ado…

The Winners Are (drumroll) …

:trophy: # 1 :trophy: - @Andrew_Neale with his entry Irrational Karate. Congratulations!!! :tada::dizzy::confetti_ball::balloon::smile: Epic entry mate! You made simple assets look visually stunning. Great atmosphere and effects, tight gameplay and great use of procedural animations and camera angles, menu and sound! Overall a well polished & fun game!

:checkered_flag: # 2 :checkered_flag: - @JBednez with Ultimate Fighter came in second. Building a fighting game from scratch is no easy task! Yet you managed a solid foundation with 3 playable characters! Congratulations! :thumbsup:

:checkered_flag: # 3 :checkered_flag: - @sketche99 with his entry War In Heaven came in third! Congratulations! Great use of the universal fighting engine. With more time this could be a really epic game :thumbsup:

15$ Store credit will also go to “Centuria game dev” for his entry Br1ck Batt1es.

We will be getting the prizes out to you ASAP! Thank you again, everyone, for participating. Hope to see you in the next jam. Enjoy your week!! :wave:



Thank you Bitgem for the game jam and good job everyone!

  • Jon

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