Btw. We Buy Models Too!


We love making game assets! …but if you have some great models of your own that you want to sell, we’d be happy to hear from you. If you would like to give making models to sell to us a go, below are some guidelines on how they need to be built. If your have the skills it takes to create high quality models that fit our guidelines, it’s very likely that you will be able to earn cash doing what ever you like best! :slight_smile:

Contact us with what you have on offer and we will work out a fair deal. Keep in mind though that one important rule is that you need to be able to prove that you are indeed an artist capable of creating the work you are offering (portfolio website or prove of other work you have done, etc.) and that the work you are offering is your own creative work.


Low Poly Models

An absolute must read for anyone wanting to build low poly assets for games is the DOTA 2 character art guide and the DOTA 2 texture guide as those explain the core principles of what it takes to make good looking models for games really well. For anyone who is interested, I have also recorded a rough step by step explaining my modeling and texturing workflow a while back.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the models you are making…

  • fit the BitGem hand painted art style.
  • fit the BitGem world scale ( character size reference, dungeon template )
  • use atlas textures where ever possible (square)
  • have separate solid and alpha geometry (alpha planes need to be separate meshes)
  • have as few draw calls as possible (combine geometry into single objects where you can for characters)

If you are planning to expand on the cube world set that we have, you will need this cube template model.
If you are looking to expand on the 3D pixel style assets… I’ll make a tutorial for those soon :).


Textures are fairly straight forward. We are looking for hand painted textures that are at least 512x512 in size and perfectly tile-able. Make use of the Photoshop offset filter to check and fix seams, keep the textures low contrast and look at what we already have on the shop so you don’t end up putting time and effort into something that we already have! Here is a recording of my texture painting workflow.

High Poly Models

There aren’t any guidelines for those in place yet, but we are interested in high poly models as well (especially characters). So if you have something you want to show us just drop us a line!

Pixel Art, Sprite Sheets & Tile Sets

Coming soon! In the meantime you CAN send us proposals.

New female characters scale