Can someone at bitgem confirm the following?


Are these 2 identical in terms of content?

Unity store -!/content/4590

Bitgem store -

Because the unity store description listed more things than the one on bitgem.


seems the Unity Store version does have more models. I own the Bitgem version and I did not get an download update (iirc) for updates.


Hi mrm83! Yes the unity set currently has more content in it. It is still a remnant of the old days (so to speak) and we will be synchronizing it with the one on the BitGem store asap.


I assume synchronizing means adding the unity assets to the bitgem3d package?
Because removing them on the unity side would remove assets people payed for.
Cany you confirm?


We’ll likely remove the pack from the Unity Asset store and introduce the same packaging as we have on our store at a reduced price, people that have purchased the old pack will still have full access to all the asset based on what the Asset Store team have told us, if not we’ll happily work out a free upgrade path for users.


I own the Dungeon Props Pack from the Unity store. If I buy the reduced Dungeon Builder Starter Set, will both packages together sum up to the original package?


I vote the dungeon props go on a brief sale for those of us that thought the Bitgem version would match the Unity version and passed on them during past sales.