Clarifications about the Game Jam rules


Continuing the discussion from Bitgem Game Jam #8:

Hi @matt and @jason, I’d like to have more clarifications about the rules, other users may be interested.

I’m developing my game for the old Web Player.
Since I’d like it to be played in 16:9 I’m forcing the playable window to 640x360.

Of course it can be also played in full screen, with some unwanted stretching.

I’m doing this to save on performance, I’m also not sure if I should enable or not shadowcasting.

It should run flawlessly on recent mid range PCs but I’m unsure on what to do.

Should I extend the gaming window a bit to the next available 16:9 resolution to be playable in browser? (eg 960x540) or a value in between?

Should I force maximum detail or not? (soft particles, shadows, etc,)

Also, how much complete should be the game? I chose to develop a platform but of course the time isn’t enough to provide like 32 levels with boss battles.
Is one huge level ok? I’m using the Ghouls’n’Ghosts theme, 1 hit->death, no checkpoints on purpose. So the playtime should be enough (pretty hardcore difficulty).

Should we put a link up here?

Entries close 3rd April 2016 Greenwich time? Does the deadline include or exclude April 3rd? (Can we continue to work on the game on April 3rd or should we submit a link before 00:00 April 3rd?

For how much time should we host the game? Do we still mantain all the rights and intellectual property of the posted entries?

Thanks for your time.


Hi @NeatWolf increasing the resolution sounds like a good idea to me, I have a nice little gaming rig so should run just fine. 1 level is fine, we don’t expect 100% complete games in 3 weeks, just something that’s fun and playable and we can see most of the core mechanics in play.

Entry form will go up tomorrow and we’ll close it off on the 4th (well allow a few hours grace due to time differences etc)


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I already submitted my entry, didn’t post it on the common thread because I feared to breach bandwidth limits since the game requires plenty of space.

The link will stay the same, but I could be tweaking and fine tuning something before the 4th.

The rules were pretty simple, so I assume we still own the rights, intellectual property and use of the game/idea/game files, don’t we?
I’m asking because other jams I partecipated in had literally a wall of text of rules about this kind of stuff (actually, only one jam was “different”), just double checking, this is my 1st BitGem3D Game Jam entry and I’m just trying to understand if the rules are really that simple :wink:

Kind regards,
Alessandro Salvati


Hi @NeatWolf ! Just to clarify: Yes the intellectual property of your game concept remains your own. The assets we provide are assets for game development. When you purchase them (or when you participate in a game jam like this) you obtain the models together with a licence to use them in one commercial project. If this becomes a game that you can actually ship and make money with, then congratulations! :wink: Just don’t resell the assets or provide them to others in a way that they can reuse them for projects of their own.


Thanks @matt ! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few more questions to answer, please

  1. I submitted the game yesterday (using the form) by providing a Dropbox link. I made a few changes in the meantime, but Dropbox links usually don’t change if you keep the file/folder names the same (like I did). Should I re-submit my entry again (just to be sure I sent you the right link) or are you going to contact me in case of problems?
    I don’t know how fast are you going to answer, so I think I’ll resubmit the game in the meanwhile. If you receive a duplicate, don’t worry: it’s the same game - probably the link will be the same, or one will work and the other won’t!

  2. " you obtain the models together with a licence to use them in one commercial project": did you use “one” in place of “a” for a specific reason? The assets we download here for free can only be used in one and only one commercial project? What if we buy the asset? Do the same restriction apply? It would be useful to have links to both the licenses, I think I’ve actually never found them!

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Hi there,
only terms i found relative to licence are these:

but this line give me some doubt:“This license is valid only with respect to the products and only if you have paid the applicable fee”.

can you clarify us about buy in shop without no fee.
can we use these assets in commercial games and more than one game?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Hey @allansamurai !
If the items are free it’s still a commercial license as long as you have downloaded it via our site. (terms apply to our site, other platforms may have slightly different license terms). And you are granted a perpetual license.