[Coming Soon] Drop The Bodies On The Pool


Hi there fellas, anyone remember the last bitgem3D Game Jam?

The second best entry, Drop The Bodies On The Pool will be released the 13th of July on itch.io.

WebPlayer Alpha Demo (Doesn’t Represent the game’s final quality):

Drop The Bodies on the Pool Promotional Demo

Playing the role as one of the inmortals heroes, you’ve been forced to fight until your last breath against hordes of monsters with your same particularity and weakness.

Drop the bodies on the Pool is a new Hack 'N Slash with a fresh and original gameplay.

  • Choose one of the 3 inmortal heroes, each one with their unique abilities and stats.
  • Fight in 3 different arenas, each one with it’s own enemies and dangers
  • Use environment traps and your abilities to damage enemies and make them fly higher for each blow until they fell on the pool.
  • Enjoy the kick-ass and head-banging Heavy/Death Metal tunes which are included in the game.
  • Play with up to 2 friends more and cooperate to survive the longest possible.
  • Compatible with almost all gamepads and joysticks.
  • Triple screen mode: use each monitor to play with a different character.
  • 2nd prize at the 8th BitGem3D Game Jam thanks to its arcade flavoured hack’n slash action with singular game mechanics.
  • Game prepared to be installed and mounted on an arcade cabinet

Time to kick a’s and fill the pool with their bodies!

System Requeriments:

PentiumIV 3.20 GHZ
128 MB VRAM compatible with OpenGL2.3 or Directx9c
800 MB HDD

Web Browser and PC/Mac control configuration and game start:

  • Push Tab key to open the control mapping menu and configure the controls as you wish.
  • once on the start menu, push insert coin button from each gamepad/player to add coins.
  • once added the coins needed, each player must push start button to join the match.
  • Each player is assigned to a Character:
  • Player1: Knight
  • Player2: Elf
  • Player3: Wizard
  • Select the scenario (lava = easy, water = medium and acid = hard or just push random level button) and enjoy the game!

soon I’ll add more info, screenshots and more.


@ItchyGames That’s awesome! Great to see that you have kept working on it and made it a fully finished product. Keep us posted and best of success!!