DAE files for models?


Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to develop a game using a not known enough engine named Polycode. Problem is it doesn’t support the conversion from fbx files, but does support a lot of other ones (it uses Assimp 2):

It’s great that the models come in obj files but since animations aren’t included it’s not really a good alternative either.

Would it be possible to export the models in .dae format (COLLADA) ? It is open source, can contains the animations and is vastly supported.
I’ve tried the autodesk fbx converter 2013.3 to convert the fbx to dae but the result isn’t great.

Thanks for hearing me out.


Hi Viish! Can you drop me an email at matthias@bitgem3d.com and specify which models you need the .dae format for and we can run an experiment if that works for you.


Hi Matthias,

Yeah sure, thanks a lot mate!


Hi, long time no see.

I’ve just found this:

and I’d like to know if this exporter gives better results than the last time we tried…
Could you send me back a model exported via this plugin please ?

I still didn’t loose hope that someday I could use your 3d models in a game engine that is opensource (like Godot, Polycode or Urho3D).

Thanks in advance,