Discount for Game Jam Entrants


Hi All,

We’ve just rolled out a new feature on the Bitgem shop and we need some guinea pigs to test it :smile: so if you’ve entered a Game Jams in the past you should now have 15% off storewide applied to your user account, all you need to do is login with your store account and you should see the discounted prices. Still got a few minor UI things to fix but looks to be working.

Simple test is if you’re logged in the following product should be $6.80, full price is $8.00.

Once we iron out any issues we’ll also be putting in some loyalty discount tiers as well.


It works! Thanks for the discount.

I’m really looking forward to purchasing some of Michael O’s Top Down Assets.


  • Jon


Just looked and the discount is applying for me as well. Thank you!


Thanks, it’s working for me!


Is there any way I can be included in this? I participated in one of the jams before the forums were here.



Sure Jared will update your store account as soon as I get home tonight.


Hi All,

The app we’re using to manage discounts looks like it’s pretty flaky and is causing a few issues for all users (not just people entitled to discounts) so Matt and I have decided to pull it from the store (won’t be until Monday as we’ll have to take the shop down for half a day to remove all the code).

But fear not once the site is updated we’ll issue each of you with a unique coupon that you can use for the next 12 months on all orders! Sorry for the inconvenience.