Dungeon Hero RPG - Mobile/Desktop Game in Development


Hi all!

I’m here to announce my own game that I’m working on :slight_smile:

It’s called Dungeon Hero RPG, it’s in development for few months already, it’s going to be released for Mobile (Android and iOS) and possibly Desktop later (Win/Mac/Linux), some time around 2014/2015, if all goes well I hope to include a Dungeon Editor, Oculus Rift support, and maybe multiplayer but this one’s not confirmed, I’m thinking of doing a kickstarter project for this game at some later time.
The game is developed on my own game engine: http://esenthel.com/

Here’s the Facebook page:

You can like it to follow the game development news, see some screens etc.

What’s this game all about:
-dungeon crawler
-random levels every time
-hundreds of items (I really have acquired a lot)
-cool looking graphics
-unlike other dungeon based games it’s not much dark/gloomy, it’s more of a cartoony style

I’m a new user so I can’t post images on the forum here…
Please go to FB page instead :wink:


Oh nice! Looks interesting, keep us posted :wink:


Thanks :smile:
The game has been officially released!
You can get it for free on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux!

Use this link to get it:

And here’s a preview:

Btw. is there any chance of Demon Grunt and Fatty getting their animations updated any time soon? I couldn’t include the Grunt in the game release because of that :wink: Thanks :smiley:

Please let me know what you think of the game! :grin:


That is great. Congrats on getting it finished and released.


Awesome! Well done. That’s one more for the hall of fame! The fatty and grunt are still in the works.


Thanks :smiley:
I forgot to mention, as appreciation of your amazing talent, and all the content you’ve created, I’ve credited you in the game. I hope I got your name right, as I had to google it!

The game has just reached #2 most downloaded RPG on Apple in US - https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1609874599228845&id=1501356550080651 and I’m preparing an update with more stuff :smile:

Btw. happy to see a new dungeon layout concept on your news page, I already have plans for it haha.


Congratulations! That’s awesome! :slight_smile: Thanks for including me in the credits although I can’t really claim credit for all the models here as I’m not making them alone anymore. But listing everyone that was involved in making them would severely lengthen your credits… Maybe just mention Bitgem3D without my name to be fair to the other artists.


Game is now available on Steam:



Congrats! Much success! :slight_smile: