Farm Defense 3D - Tower Defense


Hello everyone!

this is my first project done using UE4. It took me 3 months to finish on the side of school
It’s a tower defense game using heroes instead of towers. Please give me your feedback :smile:

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Hey man, I really like the concept of heroes as the towers in a tower defense game. I love the assets and I think they work really well along with the environment. I haven’t played it yet, but what I can tell based on the screenshots in the download links is that in most of the levels, the farm is virtually close to the spawning point of the enemy which is not a big issue in gameplay, but is kind of comedic in a sense. Not sure if you’re going for that thought

In the end, I want to congratulate you in your first project! Good job. You could really add more to this world; I’m excited for future installments.


Thank you very much. I’m planning for another 12 levels with new heroes and new enemies. I have longer maps as well where the farm is not that close to the spawning point. I wanted to go with variety of maps where players have to think differently for each level. I got a lot of complains about the game being hard, but I went for it since most of the tower defense games on the market are pretty easy. :smile: