Game Jam #5 - Kick the Monster


Hi all, sorry for the delay but the voting form is now live at please share it with your friends so we can get lots of people playing and voting on your games!


Thanks Jason, I went ahead and spammed my friends with the link… I just wanted to know, will the BitGem3D team be also included in deciding the winner (which i hope you do) or will it all be from outside votes?

Thanks again for this contest and good luck everyone!


No we don’t vote (but we do play all the games), we leave it up to the community to pick the winner :slight_smile:


Happy New Year everyone! :smiley:


Happy new year! :smiley:


Happy New Year all! We hope you all had a good one. :slight_smile: And thanks for your entries! We’ll be back to smooth operation by Monday!


Waiting for the drum rolls… :open_mouth: :wink:


Will close off the entry for later tonight and announce the winners early tomorrow! So stay tuned…


Just wanted to say a big thank you to all that entered the game jam again, you’re all winners at the end of the day as you shipped a game and hopeful grew as game designers/developers!

Based on the community voting the placing are as follows.

1st Car Launch by Jon Bednez

2nd SuperEx Delivery by MonkeyGuyGames

3rd Monsters Fun by tekmostudios

4th Dragon Tamer by Mr_McGregor

I’ll be getting your prizes out to you ASAP.


Wow… kind of speechless… well nothing to add i guess.

Thanks bitgem3d for the contest.


Thank you Bitgem3d and community!


Congrats to the winners!


Congrats to everyone and many thanks to Bitgem for doing this!


Congrats guys! Thanks so much for your submissions. I loved playing all of them :)! Looking forward to the next one!