Game Jam #6 - Dig Dug Clone


Hey guys, i’m to working on a kind of top down… but I didn’t decided yet what to use for the AI of the game… wondering what are you planing top use…
I like this one :!/content/1876 but I was wondering if you know something cheaper (free preferably).


The A* Pathfinding plugin that you linked is great, and i’m using a combination of that and Unity’s built in navmesh system for my game. It really is just for navigation though, and doesn’t handle any of the other aspects of AI logic for you.

If you’re looking for something free for AI you probably can’t do better than Rain:!/content/23569

It has a full featured navmesh system for pathfinding, and a great behavior tree implementation for your AI logic. I seem to remember them having good tutorials as well, which is always important. It’s totally free too - there are no pro features that you need to pay to unlock, although they do have some example projects that you can buy if you need further examples of how to set things up.

I hope that helps, and best of luck with your entry!


Great looking pics so far!

Anyone know of a good unity shader to use for digging? I’m currently looking into using this “Texture Mask”.

And hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to work on a demo.


  • Jon


so, here is my idea : the knight goes to the islands and tries to collect the crystals, but here are other monsters there : dragon and soul reaper (forgot how the second monster was called) who will kill the player if they get him.
The catch ? well the mobs don’t walk on the grass, when you walk on the island, you walk on the grass… no more grass, no more protection, the monsters will get you.
I worked mostly on visuals and on my idea :slight_smile: don’t judge to hard.

I just saw some typos on the images… “dragns”… it’s very late here :wink:


@rsergiu2003 That’s looking amazing! I really like the islands as levels concept. It’s looking like it will be a lot of fun. :smile:

@JBednez That shader you linked should work well. I found a nice fast algorithm for getting all of the points in a circle of any given radius around a point in a 2D array which i’m using to paint where the player walks in my snows heightmap. If you were wanting to do something similar with your mask texture i’d be happy to send it to you.


@Vector3_zero Are you using the good ol’ midpoint circle algorithm? I’m always finding uses for that one. I used it in my entry for the last jam to make little circular islands dynamically by stacking circles with decrementing radii.


@Mr_McGregor I did look at that one, but then I found the first answer in this post by Adam Stelmaszczyk. It finds all the points in one quarter of a circle, and then you can just extrapolate the other three quarters from a reflection of those points. After that I just faded the edge values out with an animation curve to get a nice falloff. You can see some screenshots of working it out on my twitter here


@Vector3_zero That looks pretty cool! I’ll have to hold on to that link.


Very useful links on here… and sweet looking progress!


Thanks! I guess I’m debating whether or not to tile or go with a terrain. Yea, could you send me that link?

I may use it. I’m thinking if I tile in some way, I can mask whatever part the player is running through.

There’s also Procedural Examples -!/content/5141

In that, there is a sculpt vertices example ( if you make the value negative, it will dig into the sphere).

  • Jon


@Vector3_zero Perfect! Using the unlit/Transparent cut out now and no more glitches in the textures! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


All the WiP shown so far is smashing! Some things I had been sketching on paper already brewing perfectly in other entries. I’ll have another brain smash session this weekend to see what other alternatives I can come up with :smile:

Sidenote: Eager to play all I’ve seen so far :wink:


Now i have the content and i start tomorrow the Dig Dug Clone. By the way, i love Dig Dug, i play`d this game on my Atari 600 XL many times.


Here is my game so far. You can move around with the arrows, and all he does is dig around. Still have to figure out how I’m going to handle the AI.

Here is a demo link:


@JBednez Wow! Very cool. It’s fun just moving around already. :smile: I don’t envy you the task of writing the AI for that, but I can’t wait to play it.


Great visuals rsergiu2003! Where did you get the textures for those cubes? Looks great!


This is my current WIP:

The world is a cube. Gravity pulls the character to the center of the cube, but for the rest of the elements, gravity vector is always (0,-1,0) in world space (so every face of the cube has a different behaviour).

Each face of the cube is a “level” and the current level gets harder the more you stay in it (I’m thinking on making fire appear or something like that).

You can change level by moving to another face of the cube (walking though the edge). Doing so will regenerate a new level on the face you just left and will also increase the game’s speed by a little, making the game harder every time you change level.

EDIT: I’ve just uploaded a little video :smile:

Video Link

BTW, I changed level 10 or 15 times before recording the video, that’s why the game looks that fast



It looks amazing!

We both have a Mario Galaxy Style gameplay haha. I love the way digging works in your game.

Really good work!


@Also Awesome work! That’s a really interesting way to handle the levels. You should upload a WIP build so we can try it out :smile:

So many interesting ideas in this gamejam. I’ll be uploading my next build for you guys to try today sometime. I cant sleep so I guess it’s a good time to implement more features :smiley:



I’m going to do some optimizations tonight, I hope they’ll be ready for tomorrow. Right now the game has 20 * 20 * 6 cubes at the same time, so it’s really slow.