Game Jam #6 - Dig Dug Clone


Oh WOW! Amazing looking updates here! This jam is rocking!!! :smiley:


Here’s a little demo :smile:


Skybox is a placeholder, I just did a quick Google search to get the image :stuck_out_tongue:

I disabled enemies for the demo because they suck for the moment, and the optimization system is very rough, it will do some dumb things.

And of course, the character will spawn on the ground, not on top of the blocks.

EDIT: For some reason, shadows are not working on the WebPlayer, I’ll post a WebGL build tomorrow; now it’s time to sleep :smile:

EDIT2: Nevermind, my Quality Settings had disabled real time shadows. I’ve uploaded the updated demo


@Also It plays great! Fantastic work so far. I loved seeing the sun rise from behind the cube :smile:

Well, here’s my latest WIP

It’s still far from finished, but it’s coming along nicely. I’ve added a stand in for the players attack that I will eventually implement. At the moment it just shoots out a ball. Hitting an enemy stuns them, with more hits increasing the stun time. 5 hits will kill them. Will eventually have them inflate and rise up the more they are hit. Have also added the golems, but they just stand there doing nothing atm. WASD or arrow keys to move, space to shoot (0.8 second delay between shots atm)

Oh, and enemy and golem positions are random each time you start, but you have to refresh the page to see it as I haven’t added levels yet.

Any feedback appreciated.


@Vector3_zero That’s really coming together! Everything matches visually much better than it did in your first WIP, and the player character’s movement feels a lot sharper. What’s there is awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing it playable.


@Mr_McGregor Thanks. I rewrote the players movement code for the third time today. I’d tried a few different ways of moving around the grid, but I’ve ended up going with something really close to the way the original Dig Dug does it, logic wise. I may tighten it up a bit before the end, but I think that side of things is mostly done.


they are in the free pack offered by bitgem for this jam :slight_smile: is the cube world asset.


Haha, yea, I’m still trying to wrap my head about how the AI is going to work. I got them moving around the sphere, but path-finding should be interesting!


Your game is looking sweet as well.

And yea, it’s funny you mention Mario Galaxy, that’s where I drew inspiration from, but it’s proving to be a big challenge with AI so will see what happens.

  • Jon


@JBednez Off the top of my head, I think what I’d do is have a tree of path-finding nodes, one for each vertex on the foliage that the player digs through. I’d build a list of active nodes as the player digs through them, and use that list to find paths.

I don’t know if that’s helpful at all, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents. It really is looking great!


Thanks Mr_McGregor for the advice and yes, that is helpful.

I was thinking nodes, but wasn’t exactly sure how to go about doing that.

I was thinking the dragon would hover over what the player has dug out, but the micro knight would only be able to follow the path that the player has dug out.

  • Jon


Been working on getting the golem set up today. Anything in their path will get squashed :open_mouth:


Quiet in here lately… everyone must be hard at work :smile:

Here’s my latest WIP:

Still a ton to do, and it has a lot of stand in content. If I can get the basic mechanics done fast enough I have a really nice idea for an upgrade/powerup system.

WASD or arrow keys to move and space to attack. The players main attack is still the stand in ball, but I have golems and the beginnings of a level system in now. As of now nothing changes other than layout when you go to a new level, but the number and speed of enemies will increase when I get around to coding it.

Any feedback appreciated.


@Vector3_zero Really nice! I did notice a little bug, however; the aim on your attack doesn’t reset when you die. If you die facing right, your attack will aim to the right after you respawn even though the character faces down.


@Mr_McGregor You’re right! I’ll fix that right now. Thank you! :slight_smile:


That’s looking stunning! Love the hazy soft feel of it so far. Sometimes it’s a little confusing when you try to turn corners because it’s hard to tell where the grid is. Perhaps if there was some sort of indication for the grid or if he only would stop in the center of a tile… it would make turning corners smoother.


@matt I had a whole post here where I explained that the knight only stopping in the middle of each tile was the very first control method that I tried, and it hadn’t felt very good. But after hours of trying to visually mark out the grid and it all looking terrible, I went back and tried that way of controlling the knight again… and it turns out it feels way better. The controls were a lot looser in the beginning, which I think is what made it feel off.

Anyway, build with the new control scheme is here:

I think it feels a lot better, but what do you guys think?


I’ve made the playing area smaller, and my girlfriend has started dressing it up by adding scenery and props. She’s only just gotten started, but I think it’s looking amazing already :slight_smile:


@Vector3_zero that’s looking awesome! Is the scenery and props custom made or from an asset pack?


Thanks! The props are from the Tower Defense and MOBA asset pack from Manufactura K4!/content/28234
Definitely worth checking out if you need a ton of high quality scenery assets. The style goes great with the Bitgem assets too.


Wow! gotta say… i’m so amazed on how this evolved. So many excellent entries… Between my job and carpal tunnel sadly I wont be entering this Jam… but Looking forward to all the final results from the great progress i’ve seen.

Good luck everyone!