Game Jam #6 - Dig Dug Clone


Looks amazing!

And Manufactura K4 makes some sweet model sets. I bought the interior package a while back at the BitGem store.

Just a quick update for my game.

Due to lack of time and brain cells for ai development, I’ve decided to gut my original design and unfortunately am starting a different approach. Hopefully I can finish before the deadline!

Good luck everyone!


Like @JBednez I haven’t had much time at all to work on my entry.

I’m hoping to have a playable(ish) WIP build within the next day or two to show off world generation and movement. In the meantime, since I haven’t posted anything since my first prototype image, my game has a name and a title screen to go with it now:

The general idea is that it’s going to be kind of like a rogue-lite game where each room in the dungeon is a game of Dig-Dug. The goal is to find a room with a boss monster and smoosh it.


@JBednez Good luck with the new design - I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

@Mr_McGregor I’m loving the title screen. It’s very atmospheric, and I like the font choice!

I’ve implemented a few more features in my game today - ghosts and dragon fire breath. The ghosts are a little hard to see against the snow at the moment, but I like the ethereal look of them. I may make them stand out more eventually.


@Vector3_zero Wow that environment is looking amazing! Great work on that!


These are either examples of my world generation system, or evidence that I’ve abandoned my game and decided to make Tetris instead.


@Mr_McGregor Thats looking really interesting. Is it each square that is a room in your dungeon, or each colored piece? And i’m guessing the grass looking square is the boss room?


@Vector3_zero Each square is a room, the different colors represent different regions that you need keys to get into. So, you need a red key to enter the red area, etc. Each region has the key for the next region randomly placed in it. This was my way of preventing the player from just chancing upon the boss room without having to do any exploring.

The grassy tile is the one the player is currently in. I don’t load all the trees and everything for every room at once.


@Mr_McGregor Ah, I see. Looks like you’re getting some really nice variation in dungeon shapes using that system. I really like how this is looking. Be sure to post up a WIP when you can so we can try it out :slight_smile:


Alrighty, I have a build ready to try out.

The way the game world is generated is more or less final. You can find all the keys and open all the locked doors, if you’re so inclined.

I might need to tweak some quality settings. The game works fine for me when I’m running it locally, but the web player version is kind of sluggish.


@Mr_McGregor That’s looking awesome so far! Once you get some enemies and sound effects in there it will really come to life. I’m really liking the exploration aspect that you’ve added to it. Are you planning on having any sort of mini-map to show which rooms you’ve been in at all?


@Vector3_zero Yeah, I’m planning on it. My next build will probably focus on the UI. I’m adding a mini-map and an inventory display to show which keys the player’s picked up.


Version 1 Game Update:

  1. The world is flat with cube tiles.
  2. There are explosive barrels.
  3. Points are gained by destroying tiles.
  4. To Move: Use the arrow keys.
  5. The Camera doesn’t follow the player at the moment.



@JBednez I’m loving it JBednez! Walking around smashing stuff feels really satisfying, and the effects that you’ve chosen give the game a really fun feeling :slight_smile: Great work so far.


@JBednez That’s shaping up really nicely! It’s a shame your first concept didn’t pan out, but having to start fresh doesn’t seem to have slowed you down much.


Exploding enemies are in, and slowly working on the GUI system and level progression.


I’ve updated my game, with a finished UI! It has a map that you can toggle between two sizes using tab, and an inventory display. Getting around in it should be a lot more intuitive now.

I’m moving on to the enemies next. I haven’t forgotten that it’s supposed to be a Dig-Dug clone, I promise!


@Mr_McGregor That’s looking really nice, I love it!



Thanks for the feedback.
I was trying to go with the feeling of smashing things

Also, the exploding enemies are hilarious. It reminds me of Duke Nukem 3d for the Nintendo 64 Expander Ray.


Yea, I wanted to do the first concept, but figured that I didn’t have the time to figure it out, now I just need to complete something.

And the mini-map is a great idea.

Version 1.1 Game Update

  1. Camera moves with the player.
  2. Ground smash cube effect has been added.

*Note: Exploding barrels will destroy grid tiles as well.



WUHU exploding enemies and exploding barrels!! Love it!!
And the crunching snow sounds… These games are really coming alive!
JBednez I think a slightly higher perspective would make it easier to navigate your grid.


Instead of points, players will be gaining crystals. Currently setting up a shop for them to be spent.