Game Jam #6 - Dig Dug Clone


Just a heads up that the deadline for the competition is drawing nearer! There are only a few days left before entries close so it’s a good time to start thinking about how to wrap up your project. Jason will be putting up the entry form soon. Keep an eye out for the link on this thread!


Only a few more days to go everyone! Really looking forward to playing all you games this weekend.

Be sure to complete the entry form before the 1st of May.


Good luck to all. I’ve seen some pretty cool demo’s so far, and I’m eager to try the finished versions ; )


I just submitted my entry. WASD or arrow keys to move, space to fire. Collect crystals by killing enemies - smashing them with golems earns more crystals, and multiple enemies killed with one golem earns a bonus. There is a shop every two levels where you can spend your crystals on equipment and buffs. See how many days you can survive :slight_smile:


Good luck everyone with your entries!

I can’t finish my game in time, so I’m not submitting anything. Thanks Bit-Gem for the game jam though. :smile:

  • Jon


I’m adding the finishing touches to my entry. It will be ready in a few hours.


Hi All, Matt and I will be posting the winners tomorrow so stayed tuned!


It is time to announce the winners of this Game Jam! It’s been a lot of fun to watch everyone’s progress and to play test the entries. Congratulations to all who submitted an entry and thank you to everyone for participating!

And The Winners Are … (drumroll)

:trophy: # 1 :trophy: - In first place we have Vector3_zero with his entry One Cold Knight Congratulations!!! :tada: :confetti_ball: :balloon:

:checkered_flag: # 2 :checkered_flag: - Also with his Cube World entry came in second. Congratulations!

:checkered_flag: # 3 :checkered_flag: - Alamar with his Dig It entry came in third! Congratulations!

Everyone else who submitted a game will also receive a $15 Bitgem store credit. We will be getting the prizes out to you ASAP!

This has been a bit of a marathon jam and both Jason and me are really impressed with how well rounded and polished the top entries are this time around! There have been quite a few promising looking starts at the beginning of this jam but many did not make it to the finish line and we feel that the long time frame was a little discouraging to those who do not have much time to spend on an every day basis to participate in long running jams like this. We will be holding another Jam again soon with a much shorter time frame to go back to the roots behind the Game Jam concept. So watch out for that one!

Thank you again everyone and enjoy the rest of the week!!


Congrats to the winners!

Thanks Bitgem for the contest.

I look forward to playing with the final entries when I have a chance.

  • Jon


Thanks guys, it was really funny!

I think making the time frame shorter is a great idea, it will encourage more developers to take part on the next contest.

See you on the next jam! :smiley:


I had a great time doing this jam with you all :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!