Game Jam #7 - Bubble Bobble Remake


OK, so here’s my screenshot:

I my remake you play an imp, with the magical ability to blow bubbles, of all kinds of colors, from his bare hands. Very popular at parties. Then one day dot dot dot

Quite a bit of the basic gameplay is done, and I trying to include some aspects of Bubble Bobbles ‘sequel’ Rainbow Islands (so the level is vertically scrolling upwards).

Hopefully I will have something more substantial to show tomorrow.


Hi dudes!!

I have not too much time but it’s been funny to do it because I never did something similar before.

Here is a screenshot! I hope be do something playable before deadline!



Looking good guys, I recognize that lovely grass texture @kanc :smile:

a screenshot from me:



This is my Bubble Bobble’s WIP

  • Level autogenerated by file
  • Very basic enemy AI
  • Player controllable


Game v.1.8

  1. Cave theme (Got rid of old art)
  2. Sounds and music throughout.
  3. Main Menu.
  4. Working game with dead, restart, and game over conditions.


Good Luck

  • Jon


OK, the game is using a beta version of ShiVa3D’s new HTML5 engine.

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer then there is a chance of no sound.

I recommend Firefox, Chrome or Safari for a good experience.

Title screen looks like this:


Some amazing looking games! Really looking forward to playing them all soon.

Will post the entry form tomorrow so you’ve still got just over a day to put your finishing touches on your entries.



Updated… almost ready ro submit.

Retro style menu.
Sound effects.

Have fun :smile:

Pipito Power.



Here is our first version! We started to work on the project last Friday, so there is still a lot to do !

  • Complete the score system
  • Improve level/game design
  • Add feedback
  • Add content (enemy types, bubble types…)
  • Various fixes and improvements

Link :


Hey everyone,

Games are looking good! Such a classic game :smile:

Here’s my take. It’s in 3D… with 2 more players!

Here’s the link:
It takes a while to load, it’s Unreal 4 in html. I HIGHLY recommend downloading the PC version for better frame rate here:

It hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best idea to use the cube meshes for the world building due to the number of draw calls. It chugs with one player, let alone 4 players! I ran out of time to optimize for html5 :<

Cheers everyone, it was a fun jam.

  • Scott


@SiliconDroid Hahaha I have had dreams like that a few times when working on a game lol! Yeah it’s totally fine to have more levels! :smiley: Your game is looking amazing!

There are so many fun entries in here and they all play so differently! Judging will be really tough! We’ll be putting up the entry form shortly.


Entry form is now live at


Hi, so I was wondering, at which time does the entry form close?
Also, would that be in Eastern Time?


Ah yes the entry form closes at 6 am EST tomorrow.



submitted my entry :slight_smile: It´s my first submission here, so if i did something wrong please let me know.

Have Fun :smile:

Pipito Power.

Final Version:


Seeing some really cool games! Good stuff.

Sent my submission, here’s the final version if anyone would like to play:

I wanted to do online multiplayer, but don’t think I have enough time to add it. I got most of the other stuff I wanted in though. It’s fairly close to the original game concept and has 3 playable levels.

Been working on it all through the night (6am now) as tonight is the only time I’ve really been able to spend on it all week haha. Had a good time though, hope everyone else had fun as well!


wow tons of awesome entries, sadly I just didn’t have the time to complete mine, but here it is for what I was able to get done, maybe I’ll have better luck next time :smiley:



Finally had a weekend available to join in on another game jam. We didn’t get as much done as we wanted over the last couple of days, so this is as far as it’ll get for now. Hopefully I’ll have sometime this week to update it with some fixes and test out controller support for the gestures.

This pretty much needs to be played with someone else. There is a practice room for solo but you won’t be able to do much other than wander and shoot.

Huffy Puffy



Game submited! My first game using ThreeJS and WebGL. It has been fun. : )

Bubble Bobble #Jam Game


Submitted my game, despite it’s flaws and non-completeness. Pretty content about the result considering how little time I managed to work on it. Here’s a screenshot:

Just loved the BitGem store imp so much I needed to make a game starring it :slight_smile: