Game: Line Of Fire



I wanted to show you my latest project Line Of Fire that uses your assets.

You can play the web version here:

My website has additional information and screenshots


Moonlit Pixels


Looks great Moonlit_Pixels!
Will try it out once I get the chance to.


Awesome little game! always great to see Bitgem assets making it into published games.

We’re sending out our newsletter before the end of the week, do you mind if we feature Line of Fire in the games roundup?



Adding “Line Of Fire” to the newsletter would be brilliant!

There is also a Windows phone version

I have load more things planned over the new few months :smile:

Would it be ok to add your Logo to the credits screen?


A credit would be great, big version of the logo attached (feel free to downsize it).


I have added your logo, you will see it in the next release.