Hall Of Fame (Projects That Use BitGem Assets)


At BitGem we are really happy every time we see our little critters score a gig. It’s a cause for celebration and we wish them success in their career!

It’s hugely exciting and motivating for us to catch a glimpse of our assets in the “wild”. It’s really amazing to see what kinds of projects our little critters get involved in so we have created this thread to find them ALL and in the forum bind them.

If you come across a game or a reel or a post or… what ever really- that contains a BitGem asset… or even if you have made something yourself, post a link to it here! I hope we will find nice projects for all of them so no-one needs to get jealous… :slight_smile:

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A few to add to the list


Crypt Escape

Flappy Zombie


Don’t forget to mention the Kickstarter campaign of Lord British for Shroud Of The Avatar!

Shroud Of The Avatar

[3]: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/portalarium/shroud-of-the-avatar-forsaken-virtues-0

I think I saw quite a few BitGem assets in that initial kickstarter reel :)!


Digging Deep


The more I look the more I find!



I think I can spot the gun set in this one.


This topic has been neglected a little! If anyone knows of any projects we missed please feel free to post them here! I’m sure there are plenty that we’re not aware of.
This is the latest one I found


I just came across this :slight_smile: “Beast Towers” I think it’s really well done so far! …especially the tutorial, works without words.

Dungeon Hero RPG - Mobile/Desktop Game in Development

And this one is a game by Esenthel that has just been officially released. It’s a revival of the classic genre dungeon crawlers! Check it out here:

Dungeon Hero RPG now on steam


Just thought I’d post this one real quick! There are quite a few more that I need to catch up on. Do feel free to send them to me if you find any or if you have developed a released game yourself that you would like mentioned here.


Survive OS has just been released on the iTunes


Just got a message to let me know that Morgan Fizban has a leading role in this cute little game!


Another one for the hall of fame :). Really cute little game this one!


Dragons Biggest Journey by pipitopower! Congrats mate! :sunglasses: