How to update email?


I want to buy a few assets, but I can’t … because my account email and PayPal email do not match.
Now I would just adjust the email here to match my PayPal email … but I don’t see where I can do that.

Please help before the CincoDeMayo2015 is over :wink:

Thank you


So I take it I won’t be able to buy the assets … :frowning:


Hi gterveen!
Sorry I only saw this now! Send me the email address you want changed via PM and I’ll get it changed right away. If you miss the sale because of this let me know and we’ll work something out! :wink:


just wanted to update this - Matt (!!) changed my email and I got my assets with the discount! Awesome support :slight_smile:


Glad this was worked out for you. But I’m curious, cause I’ve always used Paypal to purchase here, and I don’t use the same account and paypal email.


It wasn’t a problem in the past for me either - guess they changed the system at some point.