Hurried Heroes - "Beat the Clock" Dungeon Crawler [Multi-Platform]


Hey, thought I would drop in! I’m Stephen / Algitt Studios, and I’m doing a Kickstarter for Hurried Heroes.<---- Trailer & Screens can be found there

I’m using alot of Bitgem artwork, and plan on including more if I hit some stretch goals! Big fan of the artstyle and animations.

Hurried Heroes is a Cross-platform Multiplayer “Beat The Clock” Dungeon Crawler! That’s quite the mouthful so lets break it down.

In Hurried Heroes you are a hero or heroine who’s come to the fabled Trembul Town to vanquish evil, right wrongs, collect treasure and do it all as quickly as possible. The Island that Trembul Town inhabits is cursed, and at different intervals violent earthquakes consume whole areas, only to shake others free. Because of this, the quests you’ll be tasked with completing are all timed. It won’t be quite so easy as collect 10 relics and defeat an evil demon when you’ve got to do all of that before the clock runs out and the whole area is buried in rubble. So what do you do? Do you skip treasure to ensure you survive or do you cross your fingers that you’ll be fast enough to fill your pockets while still achieving your goal.

The dungeons are procedurally generated (with some rules for balance… and FUN!), so every quest you are given will create a different dungeon and scenario.

Hurried Heroes lets you customize your hero and choose a Barbarian, Thief, Mage or Archer. And the 3 initial locations on the island that you can quest to are the Keep, Forest Ruins and Cemetery. The hub of your journey is the Tavern, where you can change classes between quests to better suit your team needs. Your heroes level up, gaining new skills and abilities.

I’m totally looking forward to the seeing the Skeleton Crew and Demon Crew get animated!


Wow it looks like you’ve purchased most of the Bitgem store and put them all in your game :smiley: Congrats on hitting your kickstarter goal as well.


Thank you! Yeah just about everything outside of the player characters are Bitgem assets, and now that my Kickstarter has reached its goal, I’ll certainly be nabbing up some more assets!