[In Dev] Proelium - Fantasy FPS āš”


Hello everyone,

My name is Antoine, I have 16 years old and I love the game creation, game development.
Since one year I create my own video game called Proelium. It is a first person shooter in a Low-Poly world, with Bitgem Packs only (because Iā€™m not a good designer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). This game is only a multiplayer game, but if you are only in a party / room you play with AI players. In this game your goal is to win with your team (for this moment I just work on one gamemode) to the victory by killing enemies.

For this moment the game is not really playable but Iā€™m going to put a lot of news and screnshots here.

Here is a few screenshots of the actual render.

(This is not the final post, I will improve this post as soon as I can. And sorry for my english, Iā€™m french and I am not a professionnal, It can be spelling mistakes, just say me where in MP please! :slight_smile: )