Irrational Karate Dev Blog



Along with fixing a few bugs and tweaking some of the control/animation handling around dodging and switching sides with your opponent, level and character selection are now implemented. Also, any characters not currently involved in the fight will be in the background, cheering you on.


It has been a pretty staggering amount of combined effort with @matt but we’ve managed to get the WebGL build down to just 16.5mb now. A bit of a chore but no doubt worth the improved loading time for players.

As well as going through a testing/feedback/changes cycle, we’re trying to optimise the user journey to get players into the action sooner. To that end, I’m compressing all of the splashscreens into a single screen. Additionally, whilst you can view the existing fullscreen control layouts via the options menu if you need a reminder, I’m including a simplified view of the gamepad and keyboard controls directly on the splashscreen so players should just be able to jump straight in.

Work in progress:

UPDATE: Fireballs!


​Exciting times - I think we’re getting pretty close to an official version 1.0.0!

Lots of work around accessibility and user experience this time with a bit of an overhaul of the menus. Text has been reworded for clarity, items have been moved between screens and laid out differently, number of button presses needed to get around have been reduced… the list goes on!

Stage and character selection are now fully functional as well and, following the large reworking, the in-game menu is now back up and running.



Lots of AI improvements!

Primarily, substantially better self preservation. The AI will now dodge fireballs using combinations of crouching, jumping, and in-air dodging. They also get “panicked” by receiving chains of hits and become defensive much quicker, backing off to recover.

In a mix of attack and defense improvement, they also evaluate the difference between theirs and the player’s health. If they are losing badly then they become fully defensive, keeping their distance, launching fireballs, and only coming in for the occasional attack. If they are winning significantly then they throw caution to the wind and try to finish the player off.


The achievements system in Irrational Karate is now fully functional.

The achievements are persisted against each player and can now be either one-off achievements or require a certain number of repetitions, shown both numerically and as a progress bar.

A notification system can queue and display as achievements are unlocked or progressed against. Also, a new screen has been added to the menu allowing you to view progress across all achievements.


Today I made all of the icons. They’re all vector-based, so I’ve been able to turn them into a font allowing for easily embedding them in lots of things with varying sizes and colours. Useful stuff!

So many icons though… :tired_face:


Local multiplayer is now possible via keyboard and gamepad, two gamepads, or two players on the same keyboard. Quite a bit of reworking the input manager but it should hopefully allow more players the option without relying on access to gamepads.