Issue with Zombie Commoner model



I’ve downloaded the excellent Zombie Commoner model, and I’m really loving it :).

I’m just having a small issue and I’m not sure if it can be fixed or is something I need to deal with.

I’m using the unity_scale_common_all_in_one.fbx file to load the animations inside my engine. The idle and walk loop animations look great, but the run one (frames 768 to 791 according to the attached TXT) seems to have a missing frame at the end, because there is a sudden jump. It’s easily visible using FBX Review or some other tool. Sadly, I don’t have Maya so I can’t check if the sources have the same problem or not.

Is it possible to have this fixed, or is this something I need to fix myself? As I said, other loop animations look perfect, so I was surprised by this :smile:

Anyway, thanks and keep up the good work!!


Hey @arcnor ! I have just had a look at the file you mentioned in Maya and there seems to be no jump in the animation at all… in fact frame 768 and 791 are identical. Might it be some other issue with frame rate or animation curve type?


Hi Matt, thanks for replying! (for some reason, the forum didn’t send me any notification about this?)

Well, I’ve tried with a different engine (UE4) and I had to make some changes for the model to animate correctly (basically, what you just said, making the last and the first frames identical).

Maybe it’s that way in the Maya files, but not on the FBX files? I don’t have Maya, so I can’t check that, but it’s very obvious when using an engine.