Item Request Thread


Hi Everyone! We frequently get request for custom work via email, chat, message, support and so on which makes it all a little hard to keep track of. I have decided to start this thread so that those of you who have things they would like to see on the shop can post them here and the next time we plan ahead with our content creation pipeline we have it all in one place and can go through here to incorporate requests into our next run! :smile:


I bought some characters from bitgem in the past for my game, I really love the “hand painted” style, I was thinking on bought the dungeon environment / building. But I miss cities and others environment, something looks like victorian age or steampunk style (Just no modern city) , I was looking for a lot for a city with similar style, but always are too modern,with too much polys, or no hand-painted looks like.

I would like to see some others environments in the bitgem shop, thank you for your art, and sorry for my bad english :confused:


The original skeleton crew and the others in the series, zombies, demons etc are wonderful in style and ease of use. You have a great base of style to build on so I would suggest you grow it to include other options.

Regular Humans, Male and Female. Can start with a medieval style but maybe make them able to have expansion packs that you can build on for other themes.

Robots. I would love to see your take on a Robot version of this theme.

Mounts. Horses, wolves, dragons, would be great to be able to use for some of the grunt type characters in the various themes. Think Overlord2 for examples of what I am referring to for minions on mounts.


Another one that may be extra challenging would be a Super Hero Version. Could be tricky to do without stepping on trademarks but would be amazing to see your take on what five or six “Hero” units with powers would be. Probably hard/fun to animate various powers too.

Love the work, can not wait to see what you all cook up in the next few months.


I would like to see some more modular sets. I just bought the modular weapons set and would like to have it expanded with a few more variations of the existing weapons, but also sets with shields and armor would be great. I like to generate as much content as possible at run time.

I would also like a hero type character that would go well with the monster crews you have now. Like a human warrior type character. with the same animations as the other monsters.


Oh nice! Thanks for the input! Keep it coming!


Varations set of armours and weapons, great idea!


I’ve got the skeletons and demons bundles, but what I’m really missing is something on the good side, to attack the evil guys! I keep looking for wizards in a similar style but no luck! I like your Micro wizard, but I’m after something less “micro”. Something that would fit in the same game as the skele’s and demons.

I love the style of the robes on the skeleton mage (, but would love the same kind of thing as a human (minus the book in hand, so I can attach a staff).


Awesome, I see a lot of requests that I would similarly make.

Guille there is the LP Fantasy Environment set that has a few more village type buildings, but more structures would be useful. The Fantasy Environment seems like a high end town, would be great to have some poorer/damaged/ruined looking structures, either with wood and straw or stone. Or mud huts or something exotic. :smiley:

I like the weapon set and the fact that you can combine different handles to make different kinds of weapons. I’d like to request some simple additions:

  • A small hand held gardening shovel, like used with potting plants. Maybe the short handle could also be used for daggers.
  • A regular shovel head, that can be used with a long handle for digging
  • A rake
  • A hoe
  • A pickaxe
  • A pitch fork

I think this would allow for ideas such as harvesting or working, but they can also be used for fighting, in a humorous style.

A scaffold would be very useful too, to represent some kind of construction. Ideally a scaffold that can be stacked on itself to make high platforms, or stacked in a square around a building or something. A simple model that can be used a lot and is very flexible. (Following the medieval kind of theme of course, probably some wooden boards forming an elevated platform)

Also a canoe and a dock. You have a great set of dock models from the Mayan set, but no boat(s) to make the dock a useful part of the gameplay. A canoe, rowboat, and maybe some Viking inspired boat with serpent heads or something. I’m a fan of having low/med/high tier kind of alternatives, but also diversity is more appealing. Another dock with a slightly different style or something, that way a player could use a boat to travel from the Mayan town to the Fantasy town (shown with water) for example.

And lastly, it would be nice if the human models you have could be upgraded to the mechanim system, so that they could be used along with the other monsters. I remember there is a knight, an archer, and a peon/builder/slave looking guy. The models in general are really great looking, some new skins would go a long way to making them more usable. Its hard to re-use the same model with same appearance in a lot of places and not have a cheap/diminished experience for the player. :smiley:


Really great suggestions there guys! Thanks a lot! @RuuBlue I suppose the mini viking and barbarian are still a little too “cutified” to fit with the new monster sets… and the new BitGem girls a little too realistic proportion wise… @Rasp1977 I can imagine shield sets although I’m not sure how to make them modular so you can recombine them in different ways… maybe using texture variations… and when it comes to armors… do you mean for icons? Or do you have a specific character in mind that they should fit to? @bkinsey all great suggestions, especially the texture variations would add a lot of re-usability to the models. :smile:


Regarding shields, you wont have to make them “real” modular, but only supply the loose ornamental parts to do it. I would imagine 5 - 10 different type of “basic” shields with a couple of different textures to give some variation. Then just supply ornamental stuff we can add on our own like spikes, skulls and so on.

I am not interested in icons, I want real 3D armor. Icons I can make when I have the models.

Armor is probably only possible the same way as the shields. Some different “basic” armor for different body parts. Chest, head, legs, feet and hands with a couple of textures. Then add a bunch of ornamental stuff.

We can do a lot of modifications to items on our own in unity by adding particles and color. Couple that with 5 - 10 different items with a couple of textures and 5 - 10 ornamental things then it’s starting to look like something.



Would really love to see:

-animations added to the female characters (voodoo, viking, hunter, geisha, AND the angel)

-similar male hero characters (adult) to the above

-a set of armor items (helmets + shields, and optionally body armor) - they don’t need to be modular at all

-there were multiple blog posts about ghoul concept art:
what happened to them? I wouldn’t mind seeing another set of monsters)

-animated cartoon caveman characters (think prehistorik: )
-this includes both human and dinosaur models

-animated set of cartoon animals: (chicken, horse, bear, fox, sheep, rabbit, pig, wolf, dog, frog, cow, boar, lion, elephant, zebra, goat, deer, hippopotamus, giraffe, snake, etc.)

-boats and ships (those from pirate age, on water)

-sci-fi vehicles (trikes, quads, hoverjets/speed racers, transport, tanks, rocket launchers, helicopter, jet plane)

-animated set of robot characters

Treasure for treasure chests

Looks like we won’t be running out of things to make any time soon! :slight_smile: . Thanks for all the input.
About the ghoul concepts… they are up next.


I would also like some more interior items so that it’s possible to create houses in the style of the pixel dungeon sets. Guess a new texture for the pixel dungeon with a more house friendly look like wood might work well. Also beds, furniture, carpets and stuff like that.


Btw. Here is a WIP shot of the first Ghoul.




So, you guys have those cool treasure chests. Unfortunately they do not have any treasure. Any chance you guys can make some epic low poly 3d treasure? Gems, gold, silver, etc? I appreciate and enjoy your team’s artistic style. I want to have crazy amounts of epic treasure to come pouring out of the chest when they are opened.

Also, maybe a treasure chest mimic that has biting, hopping, getting hit, dying, and other animations?



The Ghoul looks great! Looking forward once the Ghoul set+animations are complete :slight_smile: Always love to see some progress.


I believe it’s been said, but some male heroes that could fit the style of the 3 main enemy bundles would be great. The 4 new female characters are a nice start. I also second the shields, armor, and weapons suggestion – modular or not. (Though personally I’ve found some shields and swords that match the BitGem style on the Unity Store, but no armor comes close to matching your style).

I think a merchant-type character would be great, too, since a lot of your assets lend themselves to a dungeon crawler / RPG type category.

I liked the BitGem gun designs from wayyyy back; it would be cool to get a larger variety in both type and appearance of guns (not just the orange and gray color scheme). I know there’s more of a medieval theme with most the work, but for a game where we have a gun class or gun-wielding hero, there’s very few guns that match the unique BitGem style. Maybe even extra accessories and attachments again, like scopes.

This last request is just for personal project needs, but it would be nice if not only the Zombie Commoner had a crawl animation, but if the Snapper and Murderer did as well. The Fatty and King I can see why they can’t crawl (huge in size), so I can see why those were never added. Zombies crawling is a horror staple and I think this would add to their value in games.

Also, that Ghoul looks great! I was about to buy the micro version next week.


More heroes. I would especially love to see more micro heroes. But if we see more to match the monster bundles it would be nice to be able to change out armor and weapons easily.


I thought I should mention that we have finally managed to update the demon grunt and demon fatty animations with a new set. The old one is still in there. You can see the new animations on Verold. Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hey Aaron! We thought a loot set would be a great idea so [here][1] it is! I hope that helps :wink: . Have not managed to get around to a mimic yet although I love the idea as well!