Item Request Thread


I’d love to see some more assets that can be used for creating indoor areas (mainly furnitures, maybe some pictures or arrases and other stuff that can be found in building that can be used as players base / hub) in similar style to Low Poly Dungeon Entourage Set. Also some extra skins pack for micro heroes / monsters would be great…

Btw. the new loot set is simply outstanding ;)…


Hi, I am a huge fan of your art styles and would like to commission a custom character model in a style similar to your more realistic Demon Hunter, Geisha characters. I have full concept artwork for the character, costume and weapons and am seeking the right modeler to bring it to life for use in a Unity interactive art project. Please let me know if you accept this sort of specific commission and we can further discuss rates, licensing, details of the model and animation and I will send the concept art. Thanks!


I’ve noticed there hasn’t been many new 3D models made recently.
Hope there’s something in the works!! :wink:


YES there is! :slight_smile: I know it’s been a little 2d focused lately but I’m working on a new 3d asset set.


matt, the ghoul pic you posted above looks great!

I have a request, to make a couple more skins for Fino the Dragon. (mini) Right now he is too cute to be an enemy, but with the right skin I think he will be more villainous.

Requested skins:

  1. Red eyes, black skin. (Black dragon)
  2. Red eyes, bone skin. Not sure what it would take to pull it off, but a bone dragon would make a great antagonistic dragon.
  3. Red eyes, pale skin. Would try and make the material transparent to make a ghost dragon.

I’m basically trying to re-use the mini dragon model for some boss-type enemies in my game. I think having some meaner/badder looking versions of Fino would make him have a wider range of application.


I have set myself a reminder for this! It’s a good idea


I think it would be nice to see the Voodoo Priestessm Geisha, and Demon Hunter take a Low Poly Mini form much like the Barbarian did with Sonya. Having those characters in multiple sizes (Normal, Mini, Micro), seems like it might encourage more developers to use more assets for more fluent style purposes. The same could be said for the Druid and Wizard.

I personally would like to see a Mayan themed character and monster set. You have the dungeon stuff for it, seems like a neat theme to expand on.

I also would like to see more legendary feeling weapons that are not anything super crazy, but ones that feel special to a player.

Cannot wait to see a Ghoul crew set, the one shown above looks really neat.

The Mimic idea also sounds like a blast!


Any chance the Ghoul set will come to life?


Hello, indie dev Dustin here. (Madruse Games) I’ve been a big fan of your products for awhile.

Just wanted to throw out an idea. I would love to see a space themed pack!

I’ve wanted to work on this mobile space game idea I’ve had for awhile based on an old flash game from years ago, Laser Envy:

I think some space ground tiles, similar to those you see in the game above, would be great part of a space themed pack. Also rocks, asteroids, planets, space skyboxes, aliens, spaceships, etc…

You could revisit and update a few of your old space assets to be included:

Mini Mech: (would love this guy animated!)

Space Invaders:



@Esenthel 2 of them are modeled and textured. They still need to be rigged and animated. If you like I can release them once they are bound to a skeleton sort of as an alpha version without animations like the girl set?


@madruse Looks cute! We don’t really have much space themed content yet so would be good to have! Cheers!


Sweet! Looking forward to it. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.




Gonna go ahead and toss my vote in here for male hero characters in the same style as the voodoo, demon hunter, barbarian etc as well. The female models are amazing and perfect for my project, but I have not purchased them yet due to the lack of any male characters matching the style. If this series had male characters as well I would purchase every one of them!


Hey Darkworth! We are getting this request a lot lately. Would you be looking for male counter parts (male demon hunter, voodoo, barbarian etc…) or unique male characters?


Hey there, thanks for the response :slight_smile: The ideal package would be a male and female in this style that is customizable of course. ie diff hairs, skins, clothing / gear pieces etc. I’d gladly pay the price of all of the current chars combined for a customizable one with all the various clothing / gear / hair pieces. Barring that… yes the next best thing would be for matching chars to the current female ones as this would at least give a male/female option to each char class.

While the desire is to have characters that the player can modify (dif clothing / armor sets etc) matching male counterparts would be the next best thing. I do not like to limit the player’s ability to customize their characters looks, but the art style I am shooting for… well… so far your female chars are the only ones I have found that fit it… And I absolutely love your guys’ art style on these chars! I may end up having to pay someone to make me customizable ones with this art style before it’s over (interested? lol) but for now I would have already bought all of your chars if there were matching male models.

Seriously though… you should consider the customizable male/female option in this art style. That would make them usable for SOOOO much more than they can be now… one male, one female in this art style, hidable/showable meshes for the gear / clothing / armor and the ability to re-texture those pieces… those 2 models with the included gear meshes would be worth (at least to me) more than what you would charge for male / female versions of each of these combined.

I am still considering UMA2 for the character solution for this project since it has all of that… but not sure if I can get the right visual style with that… I plan to do some testing with it this weekend to see. However… customizable male/female or at least matching males for your current females… I would def buy those even if I did go with UMA2 for this project!


Out of curiosity… on the current females… is it all one mesh or can the various clothing / armor pieces be hidden?


Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. I’d need animations for the ghouls eventually, but if you’d release them them first without the animations, then I’m happy to buy them anyway.


@darkworth Customizable characters bases are complicated but a good idea. I actually started Aleysha off with that in mind… ok but male counterparts are something that seems to be a very common request so we will try to get those done. … The models are mostly one mesh so the armor can not be hidden (no base model underneath). Aleysha has a base texture (nude version) so clothes can be added and drawn from scratch.

@Esenthel ok I’ll get on it after I finish the current models that I’m working on.


Any new pixel art coming ?


Probably not that soon. We are focusing on 3d again at the moment. But what type are you after? Side scroller, top down or characters?