Item Request Thread


I recently bought the side scroller assets you have, and thought it would be nice if there characters to go with it.


My team and I are currently working on a game for Nintendo on the WiiU. I’ve been searching, but can’t find a Werewolf that really suits our "style’. I really like your skeleton and monster styles. However, the only werewolf you currently have available is the micro one, which won’t work for my game. Are there any plans for a full sized Werewolf?


Hey Nodata! Currently not. We are still working on the ghoul set and have not decided what will come after that.


+1 for finishing the ghouls.
Recently made “proto” 3D models, are not much of interest to me.
We need some serious 3D stuff, don’t waste your time/talent on simple prototyping stuff that’s intended to be replaced with something else :wink:
Keep up the great work


I’d love to see some more character packs in the same style as the Skeleton, Ghoul and Demon crew.

Here are the ones that are most needed in my project:

  • Wildlife pack (Dire wolves, bears, giant snakes, etc)
  • Spirit pack (Ghost, wraith, banshee, etc)
  • Villager pack (Male and female ordinary people pack. It would be awesome if these were modular so you could swap out heads with bodys and legs.)


+1 for male versions of the four current ones.
You have the angel woman and male characters currently as my example. Male versions in the same style would be awesome.

An android/robot female would also be great. Same style as your current four females but with a robotic style.


You have the Bad Boys, would be great have even more bad boys but First you need some Good Boys, Melee warrior, archer, rogue, wizard, clerig, villager would be a good start. I ll be waiting for it


I have a proposition,
I would like to see more colors on textures of the Skeleton Pack, and maybe the same for the flag of the Human Pack.
I also though to a pack which contains many textures for UI, like buttons, windows, textfield, … ?


Hey folks! As always thank you for the feedback. Just a small update: You have probably already seen that we are in the process of completing the ghoul set atm. At the same time we are rolling out a new level set in hand painted style.


Keep up the great work, Bitgem! I just wanted to echo the need for animated models. You guys have a great gift for creating art, but without animations developers won’t be able to make use of them. I hope the mini mech model can get animated along with the 2 new ghouls. :smiley:


I like your Human and Orc buildings. But, I’m having a hard time finding assets for other races. I would like more races like LOTR RTS:

Elven buildings pack
Dwarf buildings pack

I saw that you made a Viking Village pack. It looks awesome, but, it only has 4 buildings. Do you plan to add more buildings to that pack?

I think matching versions of your existing town packs as destroyed villages would probably sell well too.


Glad that the Ghouls are progressing, hope you will finish the set with few more, and add animations.


I’m implementing a basic attack ability for my game and I was thinking of starting small and trying to break things. It would be nice to have some vases, crates and barrels with an animation to be destroyed. Or even a set of destroyed models that teleport into place, although it won’t be as nice an experience as animated destruction. Not sure how to break things :disappointed:


You can do this by importing your 3D object on 3DSMax with the RayFire extension and then export the animation (and then import it into Unity)


Hey bitgem. One thing I just wanted to add, food for thought. I’m using the skeleton archer model, the one with the crossbow. I’m implementing a system where he releases arrows from the crossbow. Problem is, his default Attack animation doesn’t aim the crossbow straight in front of him. When he fires arrows it comes out at his 10 o’clock. This means when a user is playing him, and moving around, when they shoot, they can’t aim very well… they’d have to turn away from their target so the arrow shoots in the right direction. I can of course make the arrow shoot out straight ahead in whatever direction he is facing, but it won’t match the animation/orientation of the crossbow firing the arrow. I know animations are a pain but I hope you guys keep offering models with animations, it means a lot to hobbyists and indy developers like myself. :smiley:


Hey bkinsey! Thank you for that input. That’s an important thing to keep in mind next time we animate a distance fighter. … and yes indeed animations can be a pain :). It’s good to hear that it’s appreciated though. We’ll keep at it!


So yeah, it’s taking a bit longer then I had hoped, but ghoul number four (the festering ghoul) has finally spawned on our website! :smiley:


Hey Bitgem,
I would love to see some more of your RTS buildings for other races.
I am currently working on one and I saw your building models and I just fell in love with the style.
But what fun is an RTS with just 2 races, right?
so I would love to see some new RTS race packs


And I could keep on going but It would be great if atleast some new packs would show up.
I just begun developing but I was looking for some samples to test with and saw some free models to test with but if you would have the time and can find the joy in making more building for new races and maby even some units for them that would be great.
But if you would make a Undead building pack the units would be already finished ofcourse.

Kind regards,



Not sure why I didn’t get an email when a reply was posted, but thanks for taking the time to respond. I can’t say it enough I get really excited to bring your works to life, the art is so good. One thing that isn’t clear to me is whether the newer models are planned to be animated at some point. I would buy them if I knew I could download an animated version later on and make use of them… if that’s any incentive for you guys. :smiley:


Do we have any updates on when we can expect the complete Ghoul Crew?