Item Request Thread


FINALLY the set that so many people have been asking about is complete! Introducing… the Ghoul Crew

Now we just need money to animate them! :slight_smile:


The Ghouls looks great, cant wait for them to be animated!

Now, I’m working on a village management game, where there are villagers obv. Currently I use one of your very early models:

Which you can see is a bit dated compared to all your other characters :slight_smile: I still like him and he looks nice, but its a very big leap in quality from the villager to say the Ghoul crew.

So I would love an improved Human Villager :slight_smile: If I could dream it would be a set of villagers with different clothes and accessories.

Oh and one more thing

I would love some more trees and foliage :slight_smile:


Well, I have a weird request.

I’m making use of the assets you guys have towards tabletop RPGs. In short, I’m making maps and the textures you guys have are wonderful. But a good maps has more than that. A good map also need icons!

Say, if you guys have, say, some 3d objects that fit into the same pattern style as those 2d textures, a top down 2d image of it should work, like some trees, stones, maybe a couch, candle holder? Y’know, just some objects viewed from top down perspective.

Man, some icons would be great. And maybe they won’t be that hard to make? Would be really good to make the whole thing consistent in style.